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Half-Assed NaBloWriMo Day 17

Uh oh...this got pretty long. Don't worry about reading it, I didn't know it was going to be this long, yikes!!

Day 17 - Your highs and lows of this past year.

Oh gosh, where to even start?

November 2009

High: I was in the process of losing weight which was a lot of fun.

Low: There was a lot of drama in my life at the time. It was pretty hectic and stressful. There were lots of rumours going around about me and I decided that I was no longer going to socialize with anybody, save a few trusted people. After November, I stuck to myself and focused on getting into shape.


High: This month was fortunately one long high. Anthony had been an online acquaintance for awhile and we got to know each other at the beginning of the month and were chatting online quite frequently during December. On December 18 or 19, I went home for holidays and met him for dinner a few days later. I was on a vacation I very badly needed and my friends and family were home in Sarnia for Christmas. I got LASIK eye surgery and also went to Ann Arbor for the first time, and to Traverse City with Anthony.

Low: The only bad part was having to say bye to Anthony to go back home. I also didn't do anything for New Year's Eve, I spent it at home alone eating takeout pizza and watching movies.


High: Anthony and I started chatting on the phone everyday and got to know each other better.

Low: For starters, I started having to pay off a giant debt I owed to my work (I had been overpaid for 2 years, accidentally).

I also started researching the US immigration process. As you learn more about it, it's like a slap in the face every time you learn about the next hurdle in the process. Let's just say, there were a lot of phone calls of, "I just found out that I'll have to [do something lame] and it costs ___-hundred dollars!!!! And takes X months!!!"

I also attempted to do the RCMP PARE (fitness test) which I failed by 15 seconds and had to be carried away in an ambulance because I over-exerted myself "slightly" (it took a few weeks to recover). Cue public shame and embarrassment.


High: Anthony and I continued talking on the phone for a few hours a day. We spent Valentine's Day together as best we could. We sent each other cards in advance and then on the 13th I think, we played some games online and talked for awhile.

Low: I was very impatient in anticipation of Anthony's visit at the end of March. I missed him a lot, it was difficult.


High: Anthony came to visit at the end of the month and it was tons of fun! We went dog sledding and I got to show him all around town.

Low: Just being impatient for Anthony to arrive. On the day he arrived it had been a bit blustery and some of the roads were snowy. We were driving around "upper base" and as I rounded a curve, my Suzuki got stuck in the ditch. I had to pay $200 and make several phone calls for someone to come pull us out as it was a Saturday at night time.


High: I don't really know. Oh yes I do...I helped with a Youth Academy my work put on. It was a lot of long hours but tons of fun!

Low: I was pretty stressed out about money.


High: Going home on holidays! I was gone from May 10 to May 30. I spent most of it with Anthony of course and we fit tons of activities into our time together.

Low: My next-door neighbours (and friends) moved away. We had only just become friends and I wish we had met sooner. Lowest of the low was how hungover I was the next morning after their going away party. I was epically hung over and had made a mess of my apartment, haha. It was the day before I went home on holidays and I was very sick while trying to get ready to go to the airport, I could barely walk.


High: I started getting ready to move. Lots and lots of work, I definitely don't ever want to do all that again. I kept myself very organized and did things soon so that I wasn't cramming to do everything at the last minute in July.

We also sent away the immigration petition this month.

Low: Knowing I had to give away my cats Moon Unit and Dweezil soon. It broke my heart. :(


High: I hate saying that leaving Iqaluit was a high, but it was a big deal. Anthony came up on July 17 and helped me finish up. I was flattered when he told me he was impressed with how much I'd already done. True, I just had a few last things to wrap up by then. Anthony was a big help, I couldn't have done it without him. While I packed things, he would cook us meals using the food I had in my apartment (we ate A LOT of smoked trout!!!) and cleaned up the apartment (vacuuming, etc). It was a huge help!

Oh oh...being on first class on the flight out. Swank!

Low: Leaving. I cried as the plane took off. I was so sad to leave some of my best friends behind. I know I'll see them again in the future but I met some very awesome people in Iqaluit and my life is that much more empty without them around every day.


High: The months I've been home are mostly a blur since I haven't done much. In August I discovered geocaching which of course, you all know I love!

I visited Anthony a few times, too, and met more of his friends.

I also visited my best friend Tori in Toronto and I drove there myself. That was a big achievement for me.

Low: Dealing with the shock of being back here. It took until about mid-October to go away. It wasn't anything specific, it was sort of a general feeling of anxiety in the pit of my stomach when I'd go to bed at night.


High: Going to Georgia and Alabama! I loved it!! It was too hot for me but I loved how friendly everybody was and I loved the Georgia Aquarium.

I also met in person Colleen, someone who has become a good friend of mine since I moved back. She's in the visa process too so we've been commiserating together since June.

Low: I started becoming very panicked and very stressed out about money and about living in Ontario again.


High: October went by so fast! When Anthony came to Sarnia for Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. I got to go to the Brigden Fair for the first time since 2004.

I also went to Anthony's mom's Halloween party which was fun, too.

At the beginning of the month I went to Toronto to visit my good friend Susan and in the middle of the month I visited Colleen in Windsor.

I also started getting over my anxiety of living here. It took a lot of hours of thinking about things and leveling with myself that life here isn't bad, though it's not as great as I wish it was. I can't lie, I miss Iqaluit dearly. But my life is here now and it's a world I kind of wish I didn't have to be in again (the south), but I don't think it was realistic to assume I'd live in Iqaluit forever. I had other plans and wanted to go back to school and work a different job. Life was leading me away and it was time I faced up to that.

Low: Very, very, very stressed about money.


High: My brother got married, which was fun. Also, I should be going back to work sometime very soon so that's good.

Low: Very, very, very, very stressed about money.

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