Monday, November 1, 2010

Falling Apart

Starting at the ripe old age of 20, I kid you not, my body already started to fall apart.

Shortly after I turned 20, I started getting muscle stiffness. It's all been downhill from there.

The one good thing about my being an elderly citizen now is that I never get colds. I have not have a head cold since I was 21. As someone who used to have 4-6 colds a year, this was a welcome surprise. Everything else, however, continues to deteriorate on a yearly basis.

Last Tuesday I went biking on the Howard Watson Trail in Sarnia to pick up some geocaches. In total I biked 30 kilometres (about 18 miles). Obviously, this is not something I have done in awhile due to the fact I was living in Iqaluit. I felt fine while I was biking, but the next day I woke up and my knees were sore. My left knee quickly got better but my right knee continued to get worse. It doesn't hurt to walk but I'm having a hard time bending it and walking up stairs. Yesterday (Sunday) it was the worst, it even hurt to drive. Today it seems a little better but I still don't feel like I should go to the gym. This is extremely irritating for numerous reasons:

#1) When I don't go to the gym for a day or two, I get very restless and thus, annoyed.

#2) I'm only 24, I should not be experiencing this much pain.

When I was at physiotherapy on Thursday, I asked the athletic doctor lady about it and all she said was to stretch my legs before I bike. Well that's all well and good for the next time, but it doesn't tell me if I need to see a doctor about the current pain I'm in. I was going to go to the drop-in clinic today but since it feels like it's improving, I guess I won't.

More proof I'm falling apart: the day after biking, I woke up with about 6 random bruises on myself in places I know I didn't injure (like my left tricep). This seems to happen a lot and I don't know why.

Anyway, I woke up this morning pleased my knee didn't hurt so much to bend but when I tried to roll over onto my right side, I was met with stabbing pain in my right ear. I have a snug piercing in my right ear. I got it back in September 2008 and although it was virtually painless to have pierced, it has been a constant source of pain since. Normally I can sleep on it fine although it usually does hurt a bit if I've been sleeping on it for awhile. I'm not sure what happened in my sleep this morning because it's all swollen and is very tender.

Other proof I'm falling apart:

-I've been getting physiotherapy lately for my left ankle, which I sprained in 2003! It hasn't been the same since and had been worse since I left Iqaluit. It seems to be better since I started doing physio again.

-My hip bone throbs if I've been sleeping on my side for awhile.

-If I try to walk anywhere not in proper shoes, you can bet my feet will be hating me for the next day or 2.

-I can't ingest nearly as much candy as I used to be able to. A few months ago I got this Jolly Rancher soda in Ann Arbor and it gave me a stomach ache for a solid 24 hours.

-I can't play Rock Band or Guitar Hero for very long as my fingers and wrists will totally fail by about the 8th song I play on "guitar." It's a temporary pain but bad enough where I can barely bend my wrists after I play.

I'm glad it's's going to be a great month!!


  1. Jaimie -- head to your doctor and get an ESR done and check if you are not getting RA (rheumotoid arthritis) the weather here is more humid as I am sure you are aware and therefore it may be affecting your arthritis which it sorta sounds like you are experiencing.

  2. Random bruises you're describing may be a sign of something very serious, like leukemia. DOn't mean to scare you, but I agree with Sarah, go see your doctor asap !
    Hugs !



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