Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photos from December and January

As promised, here's the stuff I've made since you heard from me in December.

Baby bib for baby Sebastian. I'm not super happy with how this turned out, namely, the embroidery. I'd never done embroidery before and it ended up being too hard to read. I did a top stitch on the bib using my blind hem foot, which was a tip my sewing instructor told us. It gave the bib a professional look and a few people thought I'd bought it.

This took up most of my time in December. I made this for my boyfriend's mom and fiancĂ© and I am very pleased with it. The fabric is Orchard House by Jeanne Horton for Windham Fabrics. I was adamant about finding fabric the recipients would like. At first, I wasn't a big fan of the almost upholstery-esque patterns but by the time I had finished the quilt, I was having separation anxiety about giving the quilt away!

This was my third embroidery undertaking, the second one I did from Little Stitches. I whipped up this little coaster for my sister and trust me, it's not meant to be a showcase of any of my skills. I even ripped the top of it accidentally. It was nice to do a bit of free motion quilting as I hadn't done any since my first quilt.

These were my second and fourth embroidery projects, respectively. You can see I changed the stitch on the pink thread as I liked the satin stitch look better. These are mini pin cushions that fit into the sewing kit my mom and I have (we have the same one).

Oh look, a rare photo of me in it. This was the pillow case I whipped up last night with my mom. I got us both pillow case kits after I saw some cute cat fabric I thought she'd like. My fabric coincidentally matches the quilt I made, which is why I picked that kit. It took my mom and I a few hours to make these but theoretically, it's supposed to be very quick. We had a few hiccups along the way; namely, my mom did. Something like not noticing all the layers weren't pinned down until after
she'd sewn the cuff on.

Honestly, I thought I had more photos to share. Whoops. I still have yet to take a photo of the pajama pants I made and I do want to do a recipe post sometime soon. I guess the backlog of photos seemed bigger in my head.

Happy 2013

I've been a terrible blogger, but, I've been a very busy blogger!

2013 is off to a good start so far. I've started another class, advanced sewing, and I'm working on making this dress (the green one):

It's going to be quite a challenge but I'm excited about it. I'm also working on making this at home (the one the model is wearing):

Sometime soon I will be taking another quilt class. It's a sampler quilt and we will learn several blocks. I don't think I mentioned but I joined the local quilt guild. I've been to 3 meetings (they're monthly) and I quite enjoy it. The 3 ladies who sat at my table in our quilting class also joined so I already have a group of friends. The 4 of us are going to the International Quilt Show in Cincinnati in Ohio and I'm excited.

I've also started doing embroidery. I bought myself Doodle Stitching and my sister got me Aneela Hoey's book, Little Stitches for Christmas. I've done one thing out of each book so far.

Away from the crafting talk, I'm very glad 2012 is over. I thought about it, and all in all, it was a disappointing year in a lot of ways. I spent a lot of 2012 stressed out and unhappy and it definitely reached a head during the Christmas rush. December was a rough month, and the weeks leading up to Christmas were stressful. Having a few skills under my belt this Christmas, I put too much pressure on myself to incorporate them all. Next year I need to be more realistic and I need to start earlier.

The good news is, things are on the upswing again. I've started going back to the gym regularly, I'm taking it slower with the classes, and there's already been some talk about the job thing, which you'll understand if you know me through more than this blog.

My next post after this will be only photos to show what's been going on with me lately.
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