Friday, January 30, 2015

8+ Months with Braces

Hey all. A very kind commenter said she'd like to read an update from me. I didn't realize it had been so long since I wrote anything!

For starters, my sister Andi got her braces off last week. I am deathly jealous of her, I'm sure you can imagine. Her teeth look amazing and I am so glad she gets to be the retainer guinea pig so it'll be smooth sailing for me when my braces come off! Heh heh. We had originally planned for her to blog about her experience as well but it never really worked out.

As far as me and my teeth, things are pretty boring. I've had a few people, including a dental hygienist, tell me that my teeth are "very straight" and my brain can barely process that.

I saw my oral surgeon in December. Everything is on track and my double jaw surgery and sliding genioplasty are still scheduled for June 11. I can't believe how fast it's coming up. I'm healing well from SARPE although I can feel the new bone growth is still not 100% healed.

Anyway, I know anyone only cares about photos so here you go.


December 2013 (pre-SARPE)May 2014 (post-SARPE)January 2015 (8 months of braces)
December 2013 (pre-SARPE)May 2014 (post-SARPE)January 2015 (8 months of braces)
May 2014 (Day 1 of braces)January 2015 (8 months of braces)January 2015 (8 months of braces)
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