Friday, August 28, 2015

11 Weeks Post Double Jaw Surgery & Sliding Genioplasty

Greetings, earthlings.

Thursday marked 11 weeks since my surgery. Wowzers!

My apologies for my lack of posts. I am not planning to do weekly posts anymore since things go slowly now.

Things with my face and teeth have been going well. I'll keep up with my organized benchmarks except for those that are no longer factors.

Pain: Generally none. Chewing and running can make my jaw muscles sore but it's not bad.

The main thing that bugs me is what I believe is a plate and screw under my skin next to my nose. The thing is, if it is a plate, it's higher than what it looks like in the x-ray. I also don't feel the same thing on the right side of my nose. I don't know what else it could be besides a screw. It aches sometimes if I wear sunglasses too long, and the whole area tingles often. Either way, it's strange.

Also, I can feel where the new bone growth is along my chin because it aches sometimes, too. Overall, these things are very minor.

Swelling: Same as usual, just slowly going down. I can see I'm still swollen when I look at myself.

Numbness: I'm happy to say it's steadily improving. There's only a small spot left on my chin that is still numb, my lower lip feels completely normal, the back half of palate has come back a bit, and the other day I noticed the right side of my upper gums is tingly to touch.

Muscle movement: My chin feels pretty tight and I still feel like my smile looks terrible. I can open my jaw slightly more than 2 fingers at this point which isn't great, but not terrible. My mouth is pulled shut all the time via elastics so I can't work on opening my mouth too much.

Eating/drinking: I can eat most things now, as long as they're not hard, crunchy, or chewy. Biting into stuff has gotten easier, too. I had pulled pork on a bun last week and I ate it like a real live, normal adult! It's the little things that make a jaw surgery patient happy, trust me.

Weight loss: I'm about 3lbs down from where I started. I'm a higher weight than I normally am so obviously surgery didn't do me any favours. If you're preparing for surgery, be prepared for everrrrryooooneeeeeeee to comment on your weight for awhile. It's very annoying.

I'm back to running now but taking it easy as I slowly progress back up to where I was. Running after being off for so long is soul-crushing and requires a lot of patience.

Braces: I read on ArchWired that everyone with braces hits a point where they're just done with braces. I'm there, that's me. I'm in my last months of braces but still have a ways to go. I don't mind wearing my elastics and I am extremely diligent with them, but I just want all of this to be over soon. I'm sick of the TPA wire, I'm sick of my cheeks being cut up, I'm sick of having chunks of food hiding in my mouth all the time. I was estimated to get them off sometime between December and next June.

Well, that's about it. I will probably post again around September 11th, which will be 3 months since surgery.


Sorry about the crappy image quality; the light isn't the greatest in my apartment

My nose looks so different now!

I got sick of having long hair.

This was taken today and the one above was the other day. You can see I look more swollen today.
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