Friday, June 17, 2016

Things I Like Lately: June 2016 + My Favourite YouTube Videos

I have a braces and jaw surgery post in the works right now, but it's time for another rendition of Things I Like Lately!

Walkerville Honest Lager

Like many a millennial, I enjoy a good craft brew. My taste for dark beers waxes and wanes...right now I'm on a lager kick. The local brewery, Walkerville Brewery, has an excellent lager called Honest Lager. It's refreshing! I do wish they came in regular 355mL cans, though. Sometimes 473mL makes me a little too sleepy to do anything productive after work.

The Hills
Anthony came into Windsor last week and demanded suggested we go to a used video game store. I obliged of course, and discovered they sell used DVDs, too. I got the first three seasons of The Hills for $17. If you didn't know, I am not above liking complete and utter trash. See: my love for fast food and pop music.

The kids from The Hills are the same age as I am, so it's fun to look back on fashion of 2005-2006. It's a lot uglier than I remember it. It's also slightly disturbing that all their underaged drinking isn't acknowledged at all. I think the most enjoyable thing is realizing how far we've all come from being 20 year olds. I'm not a rich kid from southern California, but I -- like a lot of these celebs -- am now settled with a good job and a wedding ring.

Hair Straightening Brush
I keep seeing ads for StraightFix on my Facebook feed lately. It looked interesting and there were MANY positive reviews for it. They were asking $70USD for one, which is apparently "50% off" although I could find no proof they've ever actually sold one for $140. Fortunately I'm not a sucker, and I checked Amazon before committing myself to $70USD ($90CAD).

As it turns out, the brush StraightFix sells is some sort of generic brush that is rebranded and sold by several different companies. I found the exact same brush for as low as $12USD. I decided to spend a bit more and go with a reputable Amazon store, and got one for $20USD ($25CAD) with Prime shipping. Score.

I've tried it out a few times and it works really well! If you're used to using a flat iron, I would describe the brush as doing about 90% of the work in about 5 minutes. It's good enough that you can go from wild, unstyled hair to something presentable in 5 minutes. It won't be perfect, but it'll be decent.

Video of Deer Screaming
I'm over it now, but I think I've watched this 1000 times earlier this month. I never knew deer screamed like this, and it's hysterical. I love how nonchalant the deer looks about screaming bloody murder.

1980s-1990s Nostalgia
Since turning 30 last month, I've been on this nostalgia kick. I love looking at lists of 1990s toys. The greatest thrill comes from seeing something you completely forgot about. This list brings back quite a few memories. This Old Toy is also a great reference for Fisher Price toys spanning 1931-2000. Retro Junk also has some really fun articles about various 1980s-1990s toys, food, TV shows, and more.

It was hard to decide on a photo for this one, but I went with my main obsession as a 3-5 year old kid: good old Alf.

This photo of my brother and I accurately depicts being a child in 1990. Oh, there I am in his hand-me-downs again!

SimCity SNES
Going along with my 1990s nostalgia and the visit to the used video game store, I got it in my head that I needed to beat SimCity SNES once and for all. I tried and tried as a kid on an actual SNES, but also never came close as an adult with the Wii's virtual console. This time, I wisened up and read some guides on how to beat the game, which is to achieve a population of 500,000+.

On Wednesday, after trying for 3 or 4 days and at least as many attempts, I finally did and man, did it feel good. My 12 year old self would be proud.

P.S. If you're looking for other videos I have been obsessed with at one time or another, look no further:

Cracks me up every time.

Every election time, I am reminded of this excellent parody.

I always loved this even in the 90s, but I watched it a lot when I found out I was going to be an aunt, too. :)

Probably my #1 favourite.

This is real, and you probably should turn the volume down if there are children present...

This one is too good not to watch.

Anthony and I still quote this, nearly 6 years on.

My favourite commercial.

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