Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Things I Like Lately: March 2016

It's been a few months since I did one of these so here we go!!

Major Lazer
Electronica is definitely my music genre of choice, and has been since I was a kid. Since I decided to end my Sirius XM subscription, I now have to scour the iTunes charts to find new music.

Major Lazer came up as the #1 electronica album back in December and I was all over it. I think I like the second album better than the first, but there are some good tunes on the first one. I like to listen to Major Lazer when I drive to hockey as it gets me pumped up.

Grimes' new album Art Angels was also the #1 on iTunes' electronica charts a few weeks after I got into Major Lazer. I had heard of Grimes but knew nothing about her. The album was a good transition from Melanie Martinez who also does dark, sombre electronic pop. Well, I must have listened exclusively to Art Angels for 2 or 3 weeks straight. When I get really into an album, I end up getting obsessed with one song at a time. I went through each song on Art Angels and obsessively listened to each one for a day or two, before my brain would get obsessed with another song.

Fuller House
I grew up watching Full House like so many others so I'd been excited about the Fuller House return. I haven't finished the whole season yet but I plan to this week. Truthfully, the show is pretty awful, but it's entertaining enough and a nice trip down memory lane.

This is a Netflix show which only has one season out. I watched all of it pretty quickly. It's kind of like Fuller House in that it's not very good, but it's entertaining and watchable. The characters are pretty detestable which is part of the concept of the show, but I found the two main characters' personalities kind of inconsistent and poorly written. They were missing that "awful but loveable" quality like Al Bundy, Walter White, or the cast of Seinfeld. It made it hard to really dig the show or characters, but I will probably watch season 2 when and if it comes out.

All of the good moments from season 1 are in this trailer, BTW.

Korean Dramas on Netflix
I was home in Sarnia one weekend in February. I was coming down with a cold and buzzing from beer, and somehow I started watching a Korean drama on Netflix. I watched 5 hours' worth in one sitting. I don't know a lot about k-dramas but the episodes are longer than North American shows, but there are fewer of them. They're somewhere in between a mini-series and a full season of a show. I don't know if they're all romantic dramas like the one I watched (the trailer is below), but it was basically like watching a 16-hour-long Nicholas Sparks movie. I was fuckin' hooked, yo.

This one is called "This is My Love" on Netflix, although it goes by various names.

New Royal Family Photos
Last time I did one of these updates, there were new photos of Charlotte. I started this entry the night before more photos were released which is kind of a funny coincidence. I love seeing new photos of George and Charlotte.

I don't even care how nerdy it is that I love the royal family.

National Joint Council Relocation Directive
The NJC RD is the policy that governs federal employee moves. This one is mainly a joke but I threw it in because dun dun dun...I am FINALLY moving to Windsor. It's been a long four years waiting for this to happen and it still sort of feels like I'm dreaming!

In case you're wondering, I will live in Windsor for a year while my US visa (green card) application is in the works. We submitted the paperwork in December, so presumably I will have the visa in hand sometime in early 2017. After that, I will move to Ann Arbor and begin commuting to Windsor. I have no plans to find a job in Michigan.

Come visit me in Windsor! I will finally be able to host guests as I won't be living with a parent anymore! I have a pull-out couch and can make a mean omelet!
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