Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Surgery Shopping List

Today is 2 weeks until my double jaw surgery and genioplasty. The month of May always flies by and this May was no exception. I've been happy to be distracted by all the busyness because it keeps me from obsessing about the surgery.

Anyway, preparing for jaw surgery is no easy task. Here's what I've purchased...I think I'm pretty much done, except for groceries.

Some of this is stuff I mentioned in my previous post!

Pillow case protectors

60mL syringe for drinking liquids

Wedge pillow

Zip-n-Squeeze set for thin liquids

Zip-n-Squeeze set for thicker pureed foods

Jaw bra

Sports squeeze bottle

Vitamin E (to help with healing)

Vitamin B-complex (also to help with healing)

Pure lanolin to keep lips from chapping when swollen

Bromelain to help with swelling

Smooth Move tea (if you've taken heavy painkillers, you know how it is)

I also have my trusty turkey baster since it was super helpful after the last surgery.

I haven't really put together a grocery list yet, but I imagine I'm going to mostly subsist on smoothies and pureed soups. I already have some smoothie ingredients and I will be focusing on adding lots of fibre-rich foods to my smoothies (fibre powder, psyllium husk, flax meal, etc).

Besides all this, I have some magazines and books to keep myself occupied. I'm sure my Netflix account will get used more than ever, as well.

Monday is my pre-op appointment at the surgeon's office and the hospital. Depending how interesting it is, I may or may not blog about that.
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