Thursday, November 5, 2015

NaBloPoMo Day 5: My cat

Hey peeps, this is Jaime's cat Leah and I'm taking over her blog for today!

Make yourself comfortable, like I am!

We probably haven't met, and you probably aren't super interested in my life because I'm just a regular old housecat, but Jaime couldn't think of anything better to write about so she asked me to step in for the day. Silly girl. What would she do without me?

I was born at a young age somewhere in Lambton County in 2005. I had a few brothers and sisters but I haven't seen them since Jaime adopted me from the local Humane Society.

Sigh...I was such a cute kitten.

For a few months I lived in Sarnia with Jaime and her family in a big house. I had my first boyfriend in that house. Triskit, where are you? I still love you. These horrible people separated us but I know some day we'll be together. :(

Me and Triskit!

In June 2005, we moved to London to a much smaller apartment.

While I lived in London, some strange people came into the apartment to do some work on the plumbing. They removed a wall which I thought was GREAT because here was all this new space to walk around that Jaime had never shown me before! Unfortunately the strange men didn't know I was exploring this newfound space and they drywalled me into the wall for a few hours.

Me in the wall.

After some time living in London, I moved with Jaime to Nunavut. I had a great time living there as I had plenty of opportunity to catch and eat flies. This was also my couture phase as you can see, I was getting a little avant garde with my fashion choices.

Grocery bags were so fashion forward in 2006

Life was pretty stable for a while, but one day I got put in my cage and sent to Iqaluit on a plane. I don't like flying but I was happy to see Jaime because I hadn't seen her in months! A little while later, Jaime adopted two more kittens. I wasn't a fan of having younger siblings but I did my best to get along with them. Those darn kids always seemed to be a mess, I had to groom them just to keep them looking presentable.

Me, on the left in both photos.

One time I got really annoyed with my step-siblings so I escaped onto the porch awning while Jaime was at work. I admit it was kind of dumb because I had nowhere to go except run around with my tail all big.

Of course that jerk Jaime stopped to take a photo before helping me back into the house.

We all lived together for awhile in a few different apartments until 2010 when just Jaime and I moved back down to Sarnia. So far, I think I'm happiest here. My grandpa (Jaime's dad) is home all day! I'm pretty sure Jaime hired him to give me attention whenever I want it. I know it's an important job to keep me entertained but my grandpa can be kind of lazy, so I have to remind him constantly that I exist and need around-the-clock attention! I do get lots of attention as long as I walk across keyboards, sit on top of TVs, or lie down on open books.

I also love boxes.

Nobody loves boxes more than I do.

I also enjoy using walls as pillows.

And tanning under my grandpa's desk lamp.

I make a cuter Detroit Tiger, don't you think?

I'm 10.5 human years old now which is about 62 cat years. I'm no spring chicken, but I keep fairly active. I've only slowed down a little bit in my advancing years but one thing is for sure: when that mysterious dancing red dot shows up, I'm all over it. One day I'll get you, dot. One day.

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