Tuesday, November 10, 2015

NaBloPoMo Day 10: Our wedding

Ooh look at me, being like a typical wife blogger! But I figure people are usually pretty interested in wedding stuff and I've never sat down and wrote about planning for it, so why not!


After breaking the news to Anthony's mom at Zingerman's (sorry it's blurry)

Anthony proposed in July 2014. It is true what they say to not expect that your proposal will be a fairytale. The day he proposed, I think I was on my second day of being off work because I was incredibly sick with a cold or flu. I very rarely get colds and even more rarely do I get as sick as I was. So when he surprised me in Sarnia, my head was already spinning from sickness. I remember when he was in the middle of his proposal speech, I felt like I was going to pass out from simultaneous sickness and excitement.

It was around the same time of our engagement that I found out I'd be getting my second jaw surgery in June. I knew I wasn't going to be able to chew normally for awhile and I also didn't want to be swollen in photos, so we decided it would be best to get married in the spring before the surgery.

I am not a wedding person nor do I enjoy planning things, so I was really shooting for a private getaway where we could elope. A beach in Hawaii sounded perfect to me, but it was important to Anthony to have his family there, so after a little (okay, a lot) of resistance from me, I caved and agreed to have a "normal" wedding. If you're wondering, I have no regrets. I'm happy we ended up going the way we did and having so many of our friends and family there with us.

I looked at a few venues for the wedding but was balking at the cost. Originally I wanted to get married at Cliff Bell's, a swanky, vintage jazz club in downtown Detroit, but it was more money than we wanted to spend. However, when Anthony and I were looking Michigan venues on theknot.com, he pointed out the Frankenmuth Brewery. After going for a tour, trying the food, and seeing how economical it was, it was a no brainer. We both love craft beer and Frankenmuth so it was perfect.

We went for the tour of the brewery on January 17th and put down our deposit about a week later. The wedding was April 11th so we had very little time to plan things out. Fortunately we didn't want to have a bridal party and involve ourselves in 95% of the usual trappings traditions of weddings, so it was much easier to plan.

No wedding is complete without the Obamas' seal of approval

My friend Carla had given me a hot tip about getting invitations printed from Vistaprint, and it turned out to be a great tip. Between 80 invitations, 70 thank you cards, and 150 return address labels, we spent well under $200.

I spent only a little more on my wedding dress and accessories. Since I wanted a knee-length dress, money was on my side. For my dress, a bracelet, hairpiece (which I didn't wear), necklace, shoes, dye job for the shoes, and a zippered dress bag, I spent a whopping $206USD. The David's Bridal associate was freaking out when she rang me in because of how inexpensive it all was.

We were also fortunate to have some talented family members who offered to lend a hand for our wedding. Anthony's mom made all the wedding favours which were cute chocolates in wedding-related shapes, in boxes with bows in our wedding colours (maize and blue). They were perfect and we so appreciated the contribution since we wouldn't have had favours otherwise.

The wedding favours!

Anthony's stepmom used to decorate weddings for a living so she had offered early on to decorate our wedding. I told her my probably vague ideas and she made them happen. Decorating was the main thing I really didn't want to do myself so if it wasn't for Nancy, our wedding wouldn't have looked nearly as beautiful. Having her decorate was a huge help.

Flowers and alcohol: our theme

The only stressful part of the wedding planning was that I knew I wanted to get a cake from William's Pastry in Sarnia. It is the best cake (IMO) and also very inexpensive compared to other bakeries. Driving to Frankenmuth involves driving through Flint, which involves potholes. I was very nervous about ruining the cake, and even more so when I went to pick the cake up and the bakery employee said, "Uh, do you need a lid for this? It didn't fit in any of our boxes." When we finally got the cake on the table in the brewery and it had nary a smudge, I breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Jaime: 1   Flint's potholes: 0

April 11th started with where else? Breakfast at Tony's I-75. Because eating a pound of bacon and wearing formalwear should always happen in the same day.


I was very thankful that Anthony's family as well as some of our friends spent several hours setting up for the wedding or helping clean up after. I don't know what we would have done without them.

Between getting my hair and makeup done, and running around, our 5pm cocktail hour came very quickly! The cocktail hour of course went by quickly as well and before I knew it, I was walking down the aisle!

Our friend's dad (who is also basically a friend of ours) had offered in 2014 to officiate our wedding and we were all over it. He's a hilarious guy with the gift of gab, so he was the clear choice. I loved our ceremony. It was funny, short, and sweet...the perfect trifecta.

The right reverend Roger delivering our ceremony

Anthony and I were both very touched that about 18 people gave speeches/toasts after the ceremony. It's not everyday that people sing your praises in front of a bunch of your friends and family.

People literally lined up to toast us

Another amusing part to me was how much people liked my vows! I mean, I did write half of them to be a bit funny but I didn't anticipate the overwhelmingly positive response. One of my vows even got its own round of applause. Anthony's vows to me were very sweet even though I forget what most of them are now, hahaha. I'd better dig them out of our wedding box to make sure he's making good on them, eh? ;-)


All in all, everything went as smooth as it could possibly be...that I know of, anyway! Who knows what happened behind the scenes.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is not the wedding, it's the marriage and partnership that has begun. I was very lucky in 2009 when Anthony stumbled upon my blog, and even more lucky that he was single. Before we met, I knew what I wanted in a future husband but until I met Anthony, I didn't think anyone would ever fit my criteria. When I first go to know him online, I was actually sad because I figured we'd never meet. Every day I am grateful our paths crossed and in the past nearly-six years, we have had so much fun together. Every year our relationship gets better and better, and I am excited to see what the future holds.

Engagement photos by Aruna B. Photography
Wedding photos by Kat Ku Photography


  1. Hello! I am having my wedding this fall at the frankenmuth brewery and I just wanted to ask, did you have a DJ? We are having 86 guest and I'm trying to figure out how we will fit all those tables and a DJ and a dance floor lol. I am not the best at decoration and have no imagination so me trying to picture it is really hard. Maybe you can giveme some advice

    1. Hi there, we didn’t have a DJ or a dance floor so I’m not much help with that. The event coordinator at FB should be able to tell you how other parties have been set up, though. They sent me some floor plans when we were planning our wedding. Good luck and congrats!



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