Friday, November 20, 2015

NaBloPoMo Day 20: Favourite things from weddings

I know, I know. I'm already done Saturday's entry and I haven't finished Friday's. I wasn't home at all on Friday except to pack my stuff and leave for Ann Arbor. Anthony and I went out last night so I really was not home at all yesterday.

Today I counted them up, and Anthony and I have been to 14 weddings together, which span 2010-2015. This excludes our own wedding. I had only been to one wedding before Anthony and I started dating, and that was back in 1994!

At this point, we consider ourselves wedding connoisseurs. Some of the weddings have been more memorable than others for various reasons, but we always have a good time when we're celebrating love with our friends!

When I was soliciting ideas for blog posts, it was suggested on my Facebook that I write about cookie tables, which are a wedding tradition in Pittsburgh (where we had just attended a wedding). I decided to modify that a bit and discuss my favourite parts of weddings we've been to. I keep saying, "we" but these are actually what I've liked...although Anthony did help me remember a few details.

These are in no particular order:

1. Great wedding favours. I'm always a fan of edible wedding favours but we've been to a few weddings with really cute take-home favours. One wedding gave each guest a laminated cookbook of recipes contributed by friends and family of the bride and groom. Another wedding had mini picture frames with a photograph of the couple. Another couple who have travelled a lot together gave these little boxes made out of folded maps, and inside was a mini travel journal and Michigan M-shaped crayons.

2. The cookie table! Of course I had to mention this. I had never heard of this tradition until our friends who live in Pittsburgh asked me to bring some Canadian cookies for their cookie table. I had to google this strange (but compelling) request, which led me to the Wikipedia article about it. I was immediately excited as I love cookies, and now I knew there would be cookies at this wedding. I think typically the cookies for the cookie tables are homemade, but I decided to bring cookies that are popular in Canada but not sold in the US. I brought Fudgee-Os, Mr. Maples, and Pirates. Honestly, it's kind of ridiculous that Fudgee-Os aren't sold in America, but hey, I guess Americans have been doing just fine without them. From what I could tell, the Canadian cookies got eaten up which made me proud.

Now that I'm thinking about it, we did go to a wedding last year in Michigan that had a table set up with more slices of wedding cake and vanilla frosted sugar cookies! The lady who had baked the cake and cookies was there serving up the goods, and they were so friggin' good that I think I went back for seconds, thirds, fourths and probably 67ths.

The cookie table from the Pittsburgh wedding

3. Having the ceremony and reception in one location. We've been to a few weddings like this and I think it's great. For starters, it usually means the whole event is a bit shorter as there is no break between the ceremony and reception. Secondly, it makes parking and driving much more convenient as you're not driving to and/or paying for parking at two different locations. As you may know, Anthony and I had our ceremony and reception in one space and I was happy about it.

Honourable mention: photo booths. Us and my princess brother at his wedding.

4. Candy tables! Not quite as unique as the Pennsylvania cookie table tradition, but pretty great nonetheless. Bonus points if the couple has provided "doggy bags" to take some home.

5. Open bar. I don't need to explain this.

Us on a party bus, on the way to a wedding in Minneapolis

6. Celebrity officiant. Our good friends who live in Cleveland had Andrew WK officiate their wedding which was pretty cool. Andrew even stayed for the reception with his wife. I only had the chance to talk to him once but he was friendly and polite. Pretty badass.

Also, Bone Thugs n Harmony were staying at the same hotel as us in Cleveland which was amusing.

7. Interesting venues. We've gone to some pretty beautiful weddings including outdoors in Maui, an old church in downtown Detroit, a botanical garden, and one of my favourite weddings: a top floor event space at a Vegas resort. Said space had a balcony with an amazing view of Vegas and the surrounding area, as well as a rare desert lightning storm.

The aforementioned Maui wedding

8. I think above all, my favourite thing about weddings (besides seeing our friends tie the knot) is getting to spend time with our friends. The best times in life are spent with friends, and weddings allow for lots of hangs with friends.

Honourable mention: weddings with cornhole (Photo by Victoria Way Photography)

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