Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NaBloPoMo Day 4: Sewing

Here we are on day 4. I have to admit that I kind of threw together this topics list and didn't give much thought to what I was actually planning to write about. As a result, I haven't been super excited to write these past few posts but hopefully you're enjoying them anyway.

I'm not sure when I finally decided I want to learn how to sew. I never really had too much interest in it. At some point when I lived in the north, I really wanted a handmade quilt. I always admired the handmade parkas and amautiit in the north, and I loved the idea of having handmade items. I knew a friend who quilted and I thought maybe, just maybe if I complimented her quilts enough times, she would offer to make me one. Now that I quilt, I laugh at my naivety. I think I would have been waiting a long time!

In 2012, my coworker had a baby and another coworker's wife gave them a quilt she made. I think that's when I finally started thinking, "I need to just learn this myself!" That fall, I was looking for hobbies to take up and I came across a beginner quilting course held at a now closed local quilt shoppe. It was a score of a deal; for $100 you got the fabric for the top and the lessons.

I enjoyed the classes and by the time it was over, the other ladies who sat at my table convinced me to sign up for the local quilters' guild. These three women, along with our instructor, have now become good friends of mine and we sew together regularly (or at least, they do and I try to join when I can). We've gone to Cincinnati together, on shop hops, and most recently to a weekend retreat in Frankenmuth. I've long thought it's a great lesson to anyone who wants to try a new hobby but is nervous about not knowing anyone. I didn't know anybody and now I have 4 amazing, supportive friends to show for it.

Seriously, they rock

I don't think I would have kept up with sewing and quilting as much if not for making friends. As I said yesterday, it's hard for me to balance it with everyone else. Add in the fact I don't have a dedicated sewing room or sewing desk and it gets more difficult to just sit down and start.

When I do sit down to sew, I love making quilts for the top of my toilet. It's a quick project that livens up my bathroom a bit, and helps me keep my skills fresh.

I also like making little wall hangings using applique, and bags of all types! On a side note, I took two classes to learn to sew clothes but I don't enjoy it as much as quilting and making other crafts. Perhaps when I'm retired and have more time, I will try to learn more as I do like the idea of wearing clothes of my own creation.

Here are some the things I've made recently and not so recently:

Cutting mat, rotary blade, and ruler bag (from a class I took), 2013

My first toilet quilt, 2013

Kindle cases, 2013

Heavy duty tote bag, 2013

Dresden plate Christmas tree skirt from another class, winter 2014 (on top of the red skirt)

Baby Tegan's quilt, fall 2015

My beautiful niece Maisie on the quilt I made for her, summer 2015

One of my favourite things I've sewn! Small wall hanging, started in 2013, finished in 2015.

Most recent toilet quilt, fall 2015
If you're interested in seeing more of my projects as well as when I blogged my way through my beginner quilt class, check out my quilting tag!

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