Thursday, November 19, 2015

NaBloPoMo Day 18: A Day in the Life

Sorry for being a day late again, but it's kind of hard to blog about a day in my life when the day isn't over! And sorrynotsorry, I wasn't about to stay up past midnight just to post it.

7:20AM: My alarm goes off (for the second time) and I get out of bed. I slept in a little bit today because I had been in such a deep sleep.

I try to do as little as possible before work so I can sleep as long as possible. Generally I do the bare minimum to make myself look presentable, then grab some breakfast to take with me to work (usually packaged cheese and a hard boiled egg, but this week I've been taking a slice of the banana bread I made).

Two things I always do in the morning:

Leah and I have a ritual where she comes into the bathroom while I get ready and she meows at me until I give her a 2-minute full body scratch. Afterwards, she leaves and leisurely rolls around on the carpet, temporarily satisfied with life.

I also always, always make the bed.

7:50AM: Leave for work. Running a few minutes behind today since I slept in.

This is my car for the day, a 2011 Ford Fiesta. Admittedly, it's my car every day but saying it's "for the day" makes it sound like I have multiple cars or am otherwise rich and important.

Today is unseasonably warm and I'm excited about a run later.

The last few days I've only been listening to Pete Yorn's Musicforthemorningafter album while I drive.

8:00AM: I arrive at work. Yup, I have a short commute!

8:00:01AM: The first order of business is to brew a sweet, sweet coffee.

Today's coffee, which I bought from Walmart (ugh) last night. I've never had it before but it's not bad.

Now I can take over the world.

The second order of business is to rip a page from my someecards daily calendar. Today's joke is eerily timely considering the latest about Charlie Sheen being HIV positive.

Also, it's only 9709 more days until I'm eligible to retire. It's flying by, I tells ya!

9ish AM: Because I am a coffee fiend, my coworker and I grab a coffee from Blackwater Cafe, a long time favourite cafe of mine which recently reopened.

Noonish: I leave for lunch. Since I live so close to work, I go home every day. Today I made a grilled cheese sandwich with the whole wheat bread I made last night, which unfortunately didn't rise very much. The sandwich turns out okay but I still can't chew crusts, womp womp.

I work on this entry a bit and then lie down in my bed to surf the Internet on my iPad. I love my relaxing lunches.

Another lunch time ritual: vitamins!

1-4PM: Back to work. I'm alone most of the afternoon which is always nice, but it can be hard to stay awake when it's so quiet. I don't think I could ever work from home.

4:10PM: Arrive home. The weather forecast can't seem to tell me with any certainty when or how hard it's going to rain, so I lie in bed for a little while with my electric blanket and iPad, trying to decide what to do with myself.

6:30PM: I awake from a nap, oops.

7PM: It's now raining steadily and since I don't want to seem like the most boring person on the planet when people read this, I decide to do a workout in my room. This the space I have to work with:

Basically I would have zero issues staying in shape if I went to prison, considering I have similar floor space.

And this is my plan for the night:

Time to work them gams. I go through this workout twice.

It's a workout from Runners' World magazine plus some other stuff I added in. I said the next time I trained for a long race that I would incorporate strength training. This is my first time doing this workout and I like it, but I'm sore the next day!

No workout is complete without some text messages to my sister, whining about wanting junk food.

8ish PM?: No dinner tonight, just a snack. I have days where I don't get hungry in the evening (besides the aforementioned junk food cravings) so I don't bother making myself anything more than a snack. I have other days where I'm insatiably hungry in the evening so don't worry, I do eat.

9:00ish PM: After surfin' the 'net for awhile, I take a hot bath with a glass of Natural Calm, a magnesium drink I've been drinking every night.

10:20PM: Anthony calls for our usual nightly chat. When we first started dating, we would talk on the phone three times a day, but we have since dwindled down to once a night, 3-5 times a week, haha. A lot of it is, "How was your day?" "Same old."

This wasn't last night, but I am talking to Anthony in this photo so I figured I'd include it.

10:55PM: In bed with my iPad. When I'm at home in Sarnia, I always, always watch ASMR videos on YouTube before bed, as they are super relaxing and basically knock me out. Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's an article about it.

All ready for bed.

11:30PM: Lights out!

November 18th was one of the more boring days from my life, as you can probably tell. I do so much that when I have a day with no plans, I like to just relax.

I hope you enjoyed this boring version of a day in my life!

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