Thursday, August 19, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 7

Coincidentally, this is perfect timing...

Day 07 – Your best friend, in great detail

The reason why this is coincidental is that I am sitting in her living room as we speak. Currently I am sitting next to her cat Paul in her apartment in downtown Toronto.

My best friend is Tori. We met in kindergarten when we were 4 and we both still remember the exact moment of our meeting. I was sitting with my class in the school library, watching a movie or something on the TV. Tori and her mom were for some reason later in coming into class, I think they were speaking with our teacher. All that to say, Tori came into class late. I was very shy and preferred my own company at that age, so I was sitting off to the side. Our kindergarten teacher directed Tori to sit next to me and we've been friends ever since.

I don't remember a lot of our early friendship, but I do remember it was tumultuous. Every other day after school, I would march into the house and announce, "I HATE TORI!!" The other days, of course, I announced she was my best friend again. I don't really know why, we must have gotten in arguments and then constantly made up.

During our preteen years, we were both awkward, semi-nerdy (but totally cool) and hung out a lot as we both didn't have many other friends. We loved to venture around Canatara Park, under the Blue Water Bridge, and everywhere else our bikes would take us. Many, many hi-jinx ensued. We also used to have sleepovers in the summertime. We would get a bunch of candy and then camp out in a tent in our backyards.

There are so many great memories I could list, but they will only be interesting to me and Tori.

We went to different high schools in Sarnia, and didn't hang out as much during grades 9-12 as we had earlier (although we had gone to different elementary schools from grades 4 to 8). For awhile, we were going out for coffee every Monday and still going to the mall and such, but we were both growing up and experimenting with our personalities. Tori made new and different friends, friends who I didn't have anything in common with so there was some separation during high school. I was also pretty occupied with dating and theatre so there just wasn't a lot of time to hang out, either.

After grade 11 or 12 (I never remember), Tori moved to London so she could attend HB Beal Secondary School and take specialized art classes. In 2005 I moved to London, just down the street from HB Beal, and we began hanging out on a more regular basis. During our time in London, we tried to make jell-o shooters but used way too much alcohol. I do recall Tori eating/drinking most of them and getting pretty tipsy. Another time, we went to Joe Kool's and it was our first time getting drunk in a bar. It was probably the most drunk I'd ever been. I remember I could hardly believe our combined tab was $80. It seemed preposterous and ridiculous. Then I moved to Iqaluit and learned what expensive really means!

Since I moved to Nunavut in 2006, we have only gotten to see each other when I come down on holidays and take a trip to Toronto. In December of 2008, Tori came up to Iqaluit for a visit and we had a great time. I;m so glad she got to see what was such an important part of my life.

Now that I'm back in Ontario, I plan to visit her much more often! In fact, I drove up yesterday as she has an art show opening tonight. I told her she has to know she's my best friend because I drove through downtown Toronto for her.

Anyway, this has been more about our friendship and less about Tori as a person. Here are some hard facts so I can feel satisfied I answered this meme properly. Tori and her boyfriend Josh live near Yonge and Bloor in an apartment with their 2 cats, Dee Dee and Paul. She just graduated from York with a degree in fine arts and I believe her boyfriend just graduated with a degree in film or something along those lines. Tori works at York on a short-term job that is just about to end (please hire her!) and is a talented artist. As I mentioned, she has a show opening tonight called You Make Me Feel so Misanthropic.

Tori enjoys working out, watching movies, and keeping up her blog, Two Per Week. I'm not really sure what type of music she listens to these days but I do know she likes to cook.

I forgot to mention that this year, we've been (best) friends for 20 years and counting. At this point, I more or less just consider her my sister. I'm so proud of the fact we've been friends for 20 of our 24 years of being alive, it's pretty unusual to have a 20 year friendship at any stage in your life. We are planning to do something special this year to commemorate the 20 years, but we haven't come up with any solid plans yet.

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