Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 3

I had a great day yesterday, although I didn't get around to do any of the work I actually get paid to do.

I will finally be getting the keys to my new-to-me 2007 Ford Fusion on Thursday. I'm beyond excited, not to mention tired of driving my mom's 2000 Toyota Corrolla. It's not a bad car, but it gets angry when you turn the air conditioning on, especially when you're still in the parking lot. It tends to just stall out if you turn on the AC before you've driven it yet.

After sorting the car stuff out, I had a good workout at the YMCA. I've been really trying to challenge myself with strength training and boy can I ever feel it today. I love going to the Y because I can just relax and take my time. After I finish my workout, I go and sit in the leisure pool for awhile, and then when I get cold, I go and sit in the (private!) hot tub before taking a slow shower and then sitting in the sauna for a bit.

Anyway, onto day 3 of the meme.

Day 03 – Your parents, in great detail

I've been wracking my brain since yesterday, trying to figure out what to write about my parents. The thing is, I feel like this is one of the things I don't have the ability to write about "in great detail" because they're my parents and I'm biased. The way I see them is probably not how other people see them. Here goes nothing...

Judy, my mom, was born in the 50s in Brampton, Ontario. From what I heard a million times as a child, she loved school and never wanted to miss a day, even when she was sick, and even though she had to walk a mile uphill in the snow and a mile uphill back! (Do all parents say this?) She was a bright student, always achieving good grades. She loved to play outside and she also loved cats (this explains my personality quite a bit!).

I believe she started working as a teenager but I can't quite remember any specifics she may have told me. When she graduated high school, she went on to Wilfrid Laurier University and received a degree in child psychology. I'm not sure if it was before or after university (I think before), she lived in Toronto working 2 jobs for awhile. I can't remember the day job but the night job was at an Italian (?) restaurant, where they let her eat dinner there for free every night, and she still talks fondly of the delicious food.

At some point in the 70s, my parents met at a dance in Waterloo (I think). My mom was there with her sister, and she too met her future husband at that dance!

I don't know much about their courtship, but they did go on an extended trip to Europe at some point in the 70s. They bought a car (a Fiat) and spent several months there, touring around, camping, visiting different countries. Apparently they went to some brewery where they received "all you drink" beers and my mom spent 3 entire days hungover. My life is so boring in comparison, haha.

In 1979 my mom married my dad in Sarnia. She had a few jobs in Sarnia before giving birth to my brother in 1982. Following my brother's birth, my parents bought a house in Point Edward which my mother lived in until this past July 30th. In 1986, an angel was born, a girl so amazing that not even the doctors could understand how a baby could...

Okay okay, I'll stop. I was born in 1986, and my sister was next in 1991.

In 2001, by a weird fluke, my mom's old job as a driving instructor at the same driving school was open and she has been back at it since. People always ask what it's like to having a driving instructor as a parent and let me be the first to tell you, it's horrible. However, I do consider myself a good driver now and I'm sure it's somewhat *grumble* related to having a driving instructor as a parent.

My mom has had various hobbies over the years, including egg decorating (with me), sewing, folk art painting, aqua fit, and probably a bunch of other stuff I don't remember. We are planning to attend a thai cooking class in the fall.

Speaking of food, my mom is a pretty decent cook, although looking back, we did kind of eat a narrow range of food (there are many, many common foods we never ate).

In 2003 my parents separated and my mom just recently moved in with her boyfriend in Sarnia. She has 3 cats, a mother cat named Nippy and her two boys, Snoopy and Nikita. They were born last July in the middle of the night after a harrowing near death of Snoopy (the first born).


Tom, my dad, was also born in the 50s, but in Sarnia. He grew up in Point Edward and attended Bridgeview School (the same elementary school my siblings and I would attend). My dad, also a bright student, excelled in math. After graduating from Sarnia Collegiate Institute and Technical School (where my sister and I would go to high school) he attended Waterloo University for mathematics and then I believe got some kind of post-grad degree from Western.

The direct years after school are iffy in my mind, but I think he moved back to Sarnia (with my mom perhaps?) after Europe and at some point either in the late 70s or early 80s, began working as a chartered accountant at BDO Dunwoody. He worked there until a few years ago, when he took his retirement.

Since 2003, my dad has been living in an apartment in a weird little nub of Sarnia that's pretty much inside Point Edward. I live with him, as I've mentioned, and we're right across from Canatara Park and a few steps away from Lake Huron.

My dad spends his days watching movies, playing cards with friends, and napping. My dad loves baseball and golf. When I was a kid, it seemed like he was always out playing golf but he told me recently he hasn't played in awhile.

Funny anecdote time: when I was kid and my dad was golfing often, he used to sneak over to the local golf course and steal balls that were left in the rough. At one point, he was even going into the ponds to fetch balls out. And I'm not talking he waded ankle high and plucked the balls he could see. I'm talking, he used to DIVE IN and swim underwater to find balls. Once I went with him and I remember he stopped and bought a pack of cigarettes on the way. He thoughtlessly shoved the cigarettes into his pocket. After he dove into the water at the golf course, I remember he emerged, cursing that he just lost the entire pack of smokes. Haha. That memory always makes me laugh.

Also, my dad hates shopping and hates dawdling in stores. I remember on the morning before we went on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, we went to the mall in search of pair of shoes for him. He saw a pair of shoes he liked, asked for them in size 9, he paid for them and we left. I couldn't believe it, since my mom chooses EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) so painstakingly and so slowly. I now find I'm much like my dad, and often don't bother trying on clothes before I buy them. I call myself "overly decisive" when it comes to shopping and I know I get it from my dad.

Phew...now I just have to be worried about writing something for the sibling one!

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