Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 10

Can't sleep, clown'll eat me.

Warning, there are a lot of links in this post!

Ever since I got my iPhone, my favourite part of the day is waking up and checking how I slept according to Sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle is really neat iPhone app that when placed in your bed while you sleep, measures and records the type of sleep you are in. It wakes you with pleasant music within a 30 minute window of your set alarm time, and only wakes you when it feels you are in a light phase of sleep, helping prevent grogginess. It's beyond interesting to look at graphs of how you just slept. You can usually just tell whether you've had a good or bad sleep, but seeing how and why makes going to sleep more of an activity. I'm always in favour of learning about and being in tune with my body so the 99 cents I spent on this app is more than worth it.

Day 10 – What you wore today, in great detail

Traci did this by posting photos of everything she wore, but I'm lazy and so you will be subjected to only words and links to photos if I can find them.

Pajamas: Last night I wore navy blue short leggings and a navy blue Aerie tank top to sleep. Tonight I am wearing the same leggings but I have on my green RCMP t-shirt. To sleep I wore and am wearing my Tuesday socks. I just got days-of-the-week socks and I love them.

Clothes: Today was a lazy day so I didn't get too dressed up. I wore brown bermuda shorts and a black CAW-TCA t-shirt (the image in the link is what's on the back of the shirt). I love that t-shirt. A friend of mine in Iqaluit mistakenly received an entire box of those t-shirts from CAW-TCA and has no idea why. They were addressed to a relative of hers who used to live in Iqaluit (and share her PO box) but has no affiliation with CAW-TCA whatsoever and has no idea why they were sent to her. Just a weird and strange occurrence that I will commemorate forever because I took one of the t-shirts and wear it all the time. For shoes I wore black, American Eagle brand ballet flats.

Gym: At the gym I wear primarily Lululemon clothes. I wore these (well, the older version of those), this bra (which is amazing), and this top. That is the only tank top I will run in as nothing else could ever compare. I own 2 of them because I love it that much. I'm not usually such a hipster when it comes to clothes and Lululemon is very hipster-y. However, I don't wear Lululemon when not at the gym. I'm sorry but I refuse to pay $100 for a hoodie. I don't care how nice those hoodies are, $108 is insanity. End rant. For shoes I wore a pair of white and magenta Oasics running shoes.

Others: Everyday I wear this little ring, and my earrings. I have my ear lobe earrings out right now but in my left ear I have a cartilage piercing and in my right ear I have a snug piercing.

Well, how was that for being in great detail!? Sorry for the Lululemon rant, but I hold much contempt for Lululemon hoodies. I hate anything that people buy as a status symbol, especially when it's obviously priced to be a status symbol. If those hoodies weren't "cool," I'm sure they'd be priced much lower than $108. I'm just a good old fashioned Winners girl. Speaking of which, a new Winners is opening in Sarnia on Thursday and it has already been joked that I will be lined up at the door, waiting for it to open. I'm kind of excited, but I shouldn't be...


  1. lol This daily meme is kinda interesting.

    Must say, I love the idea of that Sleep Cycle App. I'll have to check that out when I finally get a phone!

  2. I totally agree about the lulu hoodies (and everybody has them!!!!) There are so many things I'd rather spend $100 on! Rawwwwwr! Rannnnnnt!



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