Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 11

Wow, I am so behind on this. I would actually be done soon if I had been doing one meme per day but August has been so freaking busy. This weekend Anthony came to Canada to spend the weekend with me. We went to Goderich and had an awesome time. We got quite a bit of sun and I'm proud to say I'm slightly less pasty now!

I'm so happy to have grown up on Lake Huron...I think it's the best lake to grow up on! It's clean, it's warm, it's relatively uncluttered by people. It's perfect.

In other news, on Thursday I bought a toy that looks like this for my cat Leah. It's similar except the one I bought makes little bird sounds. Leah is pretty disinterested in most cat toys, but I thought she might like this. I was wrong...she LOVED it. I use the past tense "loved" because she loved it so much, it's no longer operational! From the moment I gave it to her on Thursday, she didn't want to stop playing with it. I'd take it away and put it somewhere, but she'd watch me like a hawk and then take it when I wasn't looking. I forget where I put it before I went to Goderich yesterday, but when I came home this afternoon, my dad told me she'd played with it ALL DAY and the battery had died. Good toy, but it's too bad the battery didn't last long. I must say, Petlinks System is the only brand of cat toy Leah has ever liked. I am looking at their site and I've unknowingly bought many of their toys, and they're always the ones Leah (and my former cats) loved.

Anyway, onto that meme thing I may or may not be participating in...

Day 11 – Your siblings, in great detail

This is an interesting one because I know my sister reads my blog and my brother might, too. So I guess I have to play nice and not tell any embarrassing stories. :)

Jeff is my older brother, born 4 years before me in 1982. There were complications with his birth and I believe he was quite ill when he was born. However, he made a full recovery and grew into a healthy child. A typical child of the 80s, Jeff loved Nintendo, dinky cars, Lego, etc. Starting in his teens, Jeff developed a deep love of music, the more obscure the better. He has attended many concerts. Jeff has the privilege of saying that he became interested in many top 100 bands before anybody knew what they were. I remember being in Port Huron once and being instructed to find a CD by a band nobody had ever heard of, Limp Bizkit. A few years later, Jeff began liking an unknown band from Detroit, reportedly a brother and sister who played the guitar and the drums (respectively). The band was The White Stripes. I'm sure there are others he's liked before the masses clued in, but those are the 2 I can remember.

Jeff's other passion is traveling. I don't even know where all he's been...much of US, less of Canada, Europe, somewhere in the Caribbean, and who the hell knows where else.

Jeff has been living in Toronto for awhile now, and more recently in downtown Toronto. In 2007 he met and began dating a girl named Amanda and they are engaged to be wed November 5th. They've travelled quite a bit together and are going somewhere interesting for their honeymoon, I can't remember where, though. Chile? I'm a terrible sister, I don't even know.

On the academic side of things, Jeff attended the University of Western Ontario in London and graduated with a degree in Media, Information, and Technoculture (or I guess that was the program- I don't know how any of this stuff works). He then went to Sheridan in Oakville for a graduate degree in I want to editing? I wish he would have left his Facebook information up! This would have been much easier, haha. Jeff now works as an editor at 2 TV studios in Toronto.

Andrea is my younger sister, born 5 years after me in 1991. Andrea is somewhat of a social butterfly and has many numerous friends. She is currently a student at Fanshawe College in London taking social work. In the summertime she works as a dishwasher at the local horse racing track. I would call Andrea basically nocturnal, as it is rare to see her awake before noon.

Andrea also loves music and from what I know, her taste is similar to my brother's. Or at least, it's more similar to his than mine is to either of theirs.

What does Andrea love? McDonalds, naps, partying, driving, tanning, and shopping. She is a fairly typical 19 year old in most respects except that she has pretty decent taste in most things.

Andrea seems shy until you get to know her, at which point she has an opinion about everything, haha.

I consider Andrea to be one of my best friends. Last summer I took her to Edmonton and Jasper. We did lots of neat stuff including going to the West Edmonton Mall (water slides!), and taking a train trip to Mount Robson.

Well, I feel bad I wrote substantially less about Andrea than Jeff but to be fair, Jeff does have 9 years of adulthood on Andrea and I am pretty exhausted right now.

We have a joke in my family that there is no such thing that all 3 of like or dislike unanimously. To tell the truth, there are a precious few things, but not many. We all like McDonalds, Blink 182, The White Stripes and The Postal Service. Those are the only things I can think of besides everyday things like pop or turkey dinners. Most other things either Jeff and I like and Andrea hates, or Jeff and Andrea like and I hate.

I think we can all agree that I answered this in great detail. I'm tired. Time for bed, it's been a long weekend!

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