Monday, August 9, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 2

Well, I hope I didn't scare too many people away with my day 1 entry.

Yesterday (Sunday) was the kind of day that's becoming my usual life here in Ontario. I woke up around 10am, had breakfast, made big plans for going to the gym, felt sleepy at 12:30pm so I lied down and woke up at 2:45pm. I've been eating a lot of fast food so I decided to make supper for my dad and myself. As I was buying the groceries, my sister texted me and wanted me to pick her up, so she came over for supper, too. We had a nice dinner (if I do say so myself) followed by the 40 Year Old Virgin and Titanic.

Anyway, onto the meme. Can you tell I'm procrastinating?

Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail

I've often heard it said that whatever happens to you the summer you're 17, you remember forever. Indeed such is the case with the summer I was 17, the year 2003.

It was a fairly warm summer from what I remember, filled with long days of oppressing heat and endless sunshine. As I mentioned in my last post, I was very involved in the local community theatre as a teenager. That summer I was assistant sound operator for a comedy called Noises Off! The theatre had brought in a professional director and it seemed like our cast and crew was huge. I believe Noises Off! was my third or fourth show with Theatre Sarnia, so I was still in the process of meeting all of its members.

This is a public blog and I don't really want to say too much, so I'm not going to go into "great detail." So back to my story...his name was D, and he was one of the actors in Noises Off!, I believe he played Gary. He was several years older than me and was dating another crew member at the time.

It started out innocently enough, I guess. We would joke around backstage and chat while he was waiting to go onstage. After the show ended, we kept in touch via MSN Messenger. After talking for awhile, we agreed to hang out and as I like to say, "one thing led to another" (my version of Seinfeld's "yada yada yada").

Yada yada...things were pretty messy for awhile since he was still with his girlfriend. I didn't have much self-esteem in those days and was happy to submit myself to tortuous situations in which I wasn't being treated properly. So she goes. The summer consisted of hanging out with D and sometimes having to sneak out of his apartment so his girlfriend wouldn't see me (she lived in another apartment building in the complex). Neither D nor I had a car at that point so we mostly just hung out in his apartment (sans air conditioning) and watched movies. I felt so grown up dating someone older than me, someone who had his own apartment (although looking back, attributing any kind of adulthood maturity to his apartment was in vain). I think that was the main draw for me. I was impatient to begin my own adulthood and prematurely injecting myself into "the real world" was exciting to me, albeit stressful and full of drama and heartache. The boys I had dated previous to D were immature and I craved full-on, 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week praise, attention and affection and from a "real man." The descent into infatuation and love happened quickly for me, although it was ill-placed in D, considering he already had a girlfriend, one whom he wasn't planning on leaving.

On and on the drama went until November when I finally smartened up and stepped out of the situation, realizing I deserved to be with someone to whom I wasn't a secret.

We kept in infrequent contact with each other over the years and did end up dating once more in 2008 for a short bit, but I had matured and changed quite a bit by then, and he was the same old, so it did not last long.

I really dislike talking about relationships publicly. I think if I had noticed this was one of the topics, I wouldn't have participated in this at all but I think I got through it okay. I'm glad that's out of the way. Now to go deal with my new car stuff!

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