Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wilton Decorating Basics, Class 3

It's Thursday again, so that means it's Wilton night!

This was tonight's agenda:
  • Drop Flower, Rosette
  • Dimensional Decorating
  • Shell
  • Pompom Flower, Leaves
  • Filling and Icing a Cupcake

I made 18 cupcakes on Tuesday and followed our instructor's guidelines on how to improve upon boxed cake mix. She suggests adding an extra egg, using milk instead of water (when called for), and adding a pudding cup. Let me tell you, those were some damn good tips. My cupcakes turned out fluffy, light, and delicious. I will definitely keep that up.

I ended up forgetting my lesson book and between that, not having the practice board, and not owning 2 of the tips we needed, I found the class hectic and overwhelming. I also wish we had more workspace and garbage cans next to our chairs. That would make the class a million times easier.

First of all, I hate the drop flower. My icing was a little too thin this week so it was not cooperating.

The rosette was much easier and everyone in our class agreed they liked it much more than the drop flower.

The shell was also somewhat difficult, again due to my thinner icing consistency. I can see myself using this as a border so I guess I better practice!

The ugliest flower, the pompom flower, was not fun. I was too busy trying to fill my decorating bags and I kind of lost track of instruction. Mine looked nowhere this nice as you will see later in photos.

Leaves, my favourite of the night. These actually looked somewhat decent. They are incredibly easy to make, too.

What the heck is this, I mean really?! Okay, they call it a shaggy mum, but I call it ugly. I will probably never do this again.

After the flowers, we filled our cupcakes. I brought vanilla pudding to fill mine. I've never filled a cupcake with anything before but since it was so easy, I will probably fill them again in the future. Cream cheese filling anyone?

So, time to decorate our filled cupcakes. Mine did not turn out very good at all. Don't even look at my pompom flower, okay? Just don't. Not only did I suck with a capital TERRIBLE at them, they also got kind of pushed around and had things bump into them.

These were my 6 in-class decorated cupcakes. Two of the worst pompom flowers surrounded by pink uh, spaghetti? And 3 ugly shaggy mums. Just all around ugly. The used and abused muffin pan is not helping the ugliness, either.

When I got home, I was trying to balance my purse, my keys, my decorator kit, and my pan of cupcakes (I have a brownie pan that has a lid with a handle). I noticed the lid kept kind of sliding off the pan with the cupcakes, but I only had a few more feet to walk. Unfortunately the lid wouldn't hold on that long and bam, cupcakes on the carpet. The law of gravity says cupcakes will always land icing side down.
Truth be told, I was kind of relieved I didn't have to take those ugly-ass cupcakes to work.

Not one to be defeated by a cupcake, I redecorated the ones that fell as well as the other cupcakes I had at home. I like this swirl design. All you need to do is put 2 colours in your piping bag. It helps if you keep the colours on opposite sides of the bag but anything goes. Now I get to bring in these Barbie cupcakes to an office full of dudes tomorrow. They're going to love them.

P.S. Did you notice there aren't 18 cupcakes here? I'm never making extra again, all I do is eat them!

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