Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wilton Classes Warning

After slaving away for an about an hour tonight in preparation for my second class tomorrow, I decided it would be wise of me to provide a disclaimer to anyone interested in taking the Wilton method of cake decorating classes.

This is neither a cheap nor a small side project. It is actually quite a bit of work preparing everything.

For example, here is everything I have to bring tomorrow, laid out on my carpet:

If it doesn't look like a lot, consider the fact there are a lot of odds and ends in my kit trays. Not only do you have to bring all these things, but you have to buy them, make them, and then remember to bring them!

Making your cakes and frosting is the most time-consuming part, and consider that you spend time going to the store to buy the items as well, plus the clean up afterwards.
Making frosting. 

So to sum up, you shouldn't take these courses unless you have the time and money...specifically:

1. The money to buy all the decorating items you need. Do you need a big kit like mine? No, probably not, but many of the items in there make life a lot easier. Even if you are going to cut corners by using parchment bags and buy items only as you need them, there are still several items you need: cake pans, food colours, spatulas, etc...

2. The money to buy the cake/frosting ingredients you'll need. Eggs, milk, oil, sugar, flour, icing sugar, shortening/butter, the very least.

3. The time to bake cakes and prepare frosting. Cutting corners by buying frosting is not going to help you since icing consistency and icing recipes are a big part of the course. Your projects may not turn out very well if you buy premade frosting, not to mention you are specifically asked in the course to make a specific recipe. And if you want to cut corners, it begs the question as to why you would take up a hobby that requires such painstaking attention to detail?

4. The time to go out and buy groceries, attend every 2-hour class (4/course), and clean up your mess afterwards at home and at the course. Unless you have a personal assistant, there is no getting out of these.

If you've read all these and it doesn't sound like a big deal to you, then have at 'er. But if you are a busy person with precious few hours to spare, you may want to think about it in detail before you decide to commit. That's the thing, learning to decorate cakes (or really anything) is a commitment and you should be fully-invested or else you are not going to receive the full benefit of the instruction.

If you're curious as to what's in the first photo, here's a list of everything:
Wilton gel colouring pack, 3 Wilton gel colours, J-Cloth, cake pattern, Decorating Basics lesson plan, Wilton no-colour butter flavour, Wilton meringue powder, cherry pie filling, top shelf of Wilton Decorator Preferred Kit (inside top shelf: couplers, silicone tip covers, tips, notepad, pen, piping gel, toothpicks, decorator brushes), 2 chocolate cake layers, Wilton ready-to-use decorator icing, cake leveler, icing sugar, 1 batch medium consistency frosting, 1 batch thin consistency chocolate frosting, Wilton disposable bags package, bottom tray of the WDPK (pictured inside are featherweight decorating bags, disposable bags, flower sticker templates, cake strips, flower lifter), cake carry-and-display case, small angled spatula, large angled spatula, scissors, Wilton show-and-serve cake board, 3 small plastic containers

In other news, I am having a hard time typing the words came, cane, case, care, hands automatically type cake!

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