Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 22

Before I do this depressing meme, some good news!

I put out my very first geocache last night and it was published on the website this morning (well, Tuesday). Already 5 people have found it which is really cool! I like the idea of doing something and indirectly connecting with people. Also, it's neat to create more enjoyment for others. Geocaching is SO much fun, I like giving it back some of the fun I've been having.

Two days ago I went out geocaching and I came across one whose coordinates listed it as in an evergreen tree. The hint was, "What would a squirrel think?" Obviously I didn't know what that meant and I went under the tree (its branches were quite high) numerous times trying to find the cache. Then I noticed one lone pine cone...hanging from a branch with wire and I burst out laughing and said to myself, "Yes, what WOULD a squirrel think?" The owner of the cache had drilled a hole at the top and inserted a bison tube in it. I found this article if you want to see a photo of what I mean.

I am really such a newbie about geocaching that I am only just discovering more caches disguised as other things. It is legitimately difficult to find disguised caches because the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. For example, last night I went out to one that I had a strong feeling was somehow connected to an electrical box but I could not find it for the life of me. A new geocaching friend who has found it confirmed it is disguised on the electrical box. It's quite amazing...just imagine all the things you walk by every day with disguised caches integrated into them! I feel like the world is getting bigger. It's such a neat feeling when you find a cache. It's like when you see those photos where you think you're looking at one thing and it's another and suddenly you can't not notice what it really is and you wonder how you missed it. Yesterday I was out scavenging through rocks on the ground and out popped a geocache. Excuse me for maybe getting a little corny, but it's kind of magical. I'm going to stop now; you all get it. I love geocaching!!

Day 22 – Something that upsets you, in great detail

This is going to greatly expose the girl in me, but it upsets me when I see cat and dog roadkill. It bothers me because I assume they were all somebody's pet. There are numerous reasons why it distresses me:

1. That someone could hit a dog or a cat and not get out of the car and at least move it to the side or bring it somewhere (like animal control). I know not everybody has the time or resources but I would do that if I hit an animal because I would want somebody to do that if it was my pet. It's not a squirrel or a was a once living creature who probably had a home. Not that squirrels and birds are unimportant, but they didn't belong to someone who is wondering where they are.

2. I've lost numerous cats and it is one of the most heartbreaking things in the world. I can't even think about my former cats without getting misty eyed (as I am now, haha). So every time I see a dead cat or dog on the road, I know that probably at least one heart is broken by that loss, and that upsets me.

3. The second I see the dead animal, my mind immediately plays out this scenario of a family devastated by the loss of that animal. I imagine a little girl crying as she gets tucked into bed, asking where Fluffy is and why did Fluffy go away. I imagine the parents looking through photo albums of Fluffy and wondering what happened. I know, I have a vivid imagination.

4. I also wonder when I see roadkill whether its owners know it is there. I literally cannot imagine losing my cat and then later seeing her squished on the highway. That would kill me worse than it probably killed her.

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