Thursday, September 2, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 15

Yesterday my sister went back to London for school and soon my only friend left in Sarnia will be also going to school in London on a daily basis. This means Jaime is about to become very bored. As I mentioned previously, my sister and I just started geocaching together. It's definitely an activity you want a partner or two while doing. It can be a little difficult going solo. I decided to go out geocaching alone last night, and this time I rode my dad's bike. Geocaching with a bike (rather than a car or just your 2 feet) was so much fun and efficient. However, I only found two of the six I went looking for. Two I just couldn't find, two there were too many people around, and the other two I found.

Dave, you asked on Day 13's post what geocaching is. Basically, people hide weather-proof containers in public places (mainly parks it seems) and post the lat/lon coordinates on Using a GPS, you then have to find the container. It's not always as easy as it sounds! So far I've found geocaches in trees, under logs, hiding in rocks, etc. Inside there will be a logbook which you write your name and the date in. Sometimes there are little trinkets for trading. Once you're done trading or logging your name/date, you place the container back where you found it so others can have a go, too. Part of the thrill is that you're often required to use stealth and not let non-geocaching onlookers (called "muggles") see what you're doing.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the Geocaching app which makes geocaching about 100 times easier than just a standalone GPS device. If anyone is interested in geocaching and has an iPhone, I recommend downloading the free introduction version of the app, available on the iTunes store. You'll see the 3 closest caches to you and it'll guide you through your first geocaching experiences. The full app is $10 which, for an inexhaustible game you can play anywhere, is well worth it.

Hopefully I've spurred some interest in geocaching! An online friend, D of "My Bucket List" kept talking about geocaching on her Facebook, saying she bet anyone reading that there were dozens of geocaches within a mile of where they're sitting. This perked my interest as I had no idea what a geocache was and I am extremely familiar with the mile radius around my house. I thought, what is there about this area I don't already know? I downloaded the app and when I saw just how many are within a mile of my house (easily 20 or more), I HAD to get out there and try it.

Anyway, I guess I should be getting onto the daily meme now!

Day 15 – Your dreams, in great detail

I'm not sure if these are the dreams I have at night or the dreams I have about life, but I will answer this about the former.

33% of the time I have very banal, boring dreams. I frequently dream about the day that just happened, but with slight, realistic changes. This has confused me about actual events on more than one occasion. Because I often dream such normal, everyday occurrences, sometimes I can't remember if they really happened or not. I've been known to ask friends and family, "I don't know if I dreamed this, but did we have a conversation where you told me [something]?"

The other 33% of the time I have wild and humourous dreams, usually revolving around some kind of negative experience. I dream in such detail that when I relay my dreams to friends (for laughs), they remark on how much I remember about my dreams.

The last 33% of the time, I have recurring dreams. These are the recurring dreams I've had in my life:

1. While I lived in London (ON), it was a very bad and stressful time for me. I often dreamt that I was at an amusement park. I would get on a ride and suffer some kind of head injury that would leave my head in immense pain. These dreams stopped as soon as I left London.

2. Once I moved to Rankin Inlet, I started dreaming about being in a large city (usually NYC) and either trying to navigate the subway, trying to find a place to eat, or a combination of both. Nowadays this dream mostly focuses on me trying to figure out the subway system.

3. Most recently, I dreamt about being in a mall and trying to find a particular store. I spend a lot of time trying to find the store and then finally realize it's either closed (I'll be at the mall late at night) or it's no longer in the mall. I thought about this one a lot and came to the conclusion that maybe it means I've been trying to find something but my timing is always off. This makes a lot of sense because I stopped having this dream once I met Anthony.

So there you have dreams in great detail.


  1. Geocaching sounds fun. A bit like a treasure hunt that doesn't stop. I don't have an Iphone, maybe I can find it on the net. Good luck with the rest of your searches.

  2. When you were little, did you used to have a dream about picking up coins? Was there maybe a robot? Is this maybe an imagined memory of a discussion pre-grade 7? I really can't remember clearly, but I'm sure we had this discussion once.



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