Sunday, October 3, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 27

This weekend I visited the city I love to hate, Toronto. As I've mentioned a few times, driving in new places makes me pretty nervous. I tend to misinterpret signs, take wrong turns, and make dumb mistakes while trying to read my Google printouts.

The day before I departed, I was browsing for their "Sears Days" sales which just ended today. I figured I'd check out car GPS' since I've been wanting to find one under $100. Conveniently, the TomTom EASE was going for $89.99. I checked Amazon, good ratings and reviews. My next course of action was to mull it over at the gym and then decide if I should order it. On my way to the gym, I realized, "Hey, I don't live in Nunavut anymore! I can just go to Sears and LOOK at it!" It was a real novelty, I assure you. So into Sears I went in my dorky gym clothes. Long story short, I bought the last one and decided its christening route would be to Susan's house in Toronto.

I loved it immediately. No more having to fret about not being able to read street signs soon enough, no more wondering what intersections will look like, no more wondering what lane to get in. I feel dumb for not having one of these starting the day I got my license. My only gripe about it is that although I traversed through Toronto for 72 hours with extreme ease, I feel like I didn't really figure out where anything is. Instead of paying attention to streets and learning my way around, the GPS basically turns you into a car-operating robot. Is it worth it, though? Hell yes. To ALWAYS know I was going the right way, that's priceless to me. It took all of the stress out which, if you understood just how much driving in places other than Sarnia stresses me out, you'd know it's worth a lot more to me than $89.99. I just didn't feel like paying any more than that, haha.

Anyway, the meme.

Day 27 – Your favorite place, in great detail

I don't really like this question but what's new? I don't really have a favourite place so I'll tell you about the places I love:

A. Ann Arbor, Frankenmuth and Michigan in general. I've been spending a lot of time in Michigan this year and I am really developing a fondness for the place. I know I'm biased though, because I lived within a mile of Michigan until I was 19 (and again now) and my boyfriend lives and breathes Michigan. I've had the fortune of visiting a few places in Michigan this year including Traverse City, South Lyon, Farmington, downtown Detroit, Allen Park, Dearborn, Algonac, and Frankenmuth. I originally listed Frankenmuth as "A" because I really love that place. Also, Algonac holds a special place in my heart since that's where Anthony and I had our first date. So all in all, Michigan is the center of many good memories throughout my life and especially now. And darn it if my boyfriend hasn't turned me into the second biggest Wolverines fan (he's #1).

B. Canatara Park. According to a PDF I just read, it covers 200 acres with 3000 feet of Lake Huron shoreline. I grew up a few hundred metres from the park and now live across the street from it. I have spent hours upon hours in that park and I know every corner of it like it's my own property. Many, many good memories were made in that park. Starting from age 5, I'd ride my bike to it and hang out by myself. As I got older, Tori and I would bike the trails and find ways to get into trouble. The park has some great features such as miles of bike trails, beaches, picnic pavilions, an animal farm petting zoo thing, and so much beautiful nature. There are a ton of geocaches in the park and my plan is to find all of them. I love having an excuse to be in Canatara and biking the trails I know so well. It makes me feel like a kid again which is a pretty cool feeling.

C. Lambton County. This is the county I reside in and grew up in. Most of my peers heartily dislike Sarnia and vow to get out as soon as possible. I suppose I have different values than other 24 year olds, but I think Sarnia/Lambton County is a great place to live. The county is home to approximately 100 000 people, 70 000 of which live in Sarnia. Although Sarnia is not so much a hot bed for multiculturalism, there is a fair amount of culture to be found and enjoyed. No, you can't buy shawarma at 3am after an intense pub crawl or expect all of your favourite musicians to come to town, but those sorts of thing never appealed to me anyway. I'm the type of person who doesn't want to have to rely on maps to find a local address; I want to know my town inside and out. I like a nice, quiet town with low crime and nice parks. Originally when "A" was about how much I love Frankenmuth, I referred to myself as an 80 year old trapped in a 24 year old's body. It disturbs me just how true that is, and how often I'm reminded of it.

D. My bed and a hot bath. 'Nuff said!!!

...Edited to add: E. William's Pastry Shop in Sarnia. Don't let me off my leash in that store, it could be disastrous.


  1. I wouldn't toss out your maps just yet. My gps is famous for sending us on wild goose chases. I'll admit, its a cheap piece of crap. I took a trip this summer that it wanted to send me on a route that was nearly twice as long as what I mapped out and it thought we were lost most of the way. I finally shut it off. Hopefully you'll have better luck with yours. Does yours mispronounce names? Mine does, pretty humorous.

  2. Dave,

    It doesn't pronounce street names so it doesn't have that problem. That's pretty funny, though.

    Admittedly, mine did send me in the wrong direction once. It told me to turn right where there was nowhere to turn right, so I kept following the road (which did veer right) and it immediately said, "Turn around at your earliest convenience." That was annoying.

    However, if it leads me astray 1 out of every 100 times, it's still worth it to me. I can barely follow directions to get out of a wet paper bag, haha.



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