Monday, October 4, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 28

I'm almost done this meme, woo hoo!

Day 28 – Something that you miss, in great detail

Well, I miss numerous things, foods, places, and people. I miss those Betty Crocker Mississippi Mud brownie things you could buy (to make it). I miss when Wal-Mart used to be in our mall and not across the street, I miss the days when all I had to worry about was doing my homework. I miss the friends I never see anymore, and I miss snow days from when I was in high school.

However, the thing I miss the most right now is home, Nunavut. Even though I grew up here in Sarnia, Nunavut became my home and I still feel like it is. I think that feeling is going to take awhile to shake off. As I mentioned once in my old blog, you become a northerner and then it becomes you.

While I lived in Nunavut, I really disliked having to talk about it down here to people, especially people I'd just met. I hated answering questions and telling the same story about how much a 2L of pop in Rankin Inlet costs. Sometimes I even lied when people asked me where I live. I'd mumble something about Sarnia to avoid the whole "Isn't it cold there?" conversation. But it's funny how the table can turn. Now that I live here, I'm basically unemployed and all I do in my free time is visit Anthony, geocache, and sometimes go to the gym. Life has gotten kind of boring. Now when I meet people, I quickly offer up my former place of residence so that I actually have something interesting to talk about. Telling people how I sleep 10-12 hours a day because I'm so bored is much less interesting than hearing my tales of braving Canada's worst weather.

The largest part about Nunavut I miss is my job. I miss many of my coworkers and the close friends I'd made through work. I miss being part of the justice system and even feeling like in my own small way, I was making Canada a better place (I worked for the federal government).

Another thing I miss about Nunavut is that I can freely say to anybody there, "I'm so cold!" and the response is generally, "I know, it's freezing. I miss summer." Here, as soon as I say I'm cold, I quickly get laughed at and asked, "And you were living where?" Yes, I did live in Nunavut but I still get cold. Thanks for asking.

Most of all, I just miss my old routine. I miss the cats I gave away, the carvings that hadn't yet broken, I miss having a place of my own, I miss the responsibilities of having a place of my own, I miss going to check the mail and being so excited when something actually came in, I miss waving hello to people when I was driving, I miss the terrible music outside Arctic Ventures, I missing curling, I miss the Legion (ah, memories), I miss all the kitchen stuff I sold, I miss my Suzuki, I miss the tundra, and I miss feeling like I was doing something special and unique.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still on an interesting path (one that I haven't talked about here yet), but while I'm here I feel like I'm nobody special anymore. I don't regret moving back at all, as it was necessary anyway (which I'll explain in the near future) but had I not met Anthony, I have no idea when I would have left. I was sort of half-assedly looking to leave but I doubt it would have happened this year. I took for granted that I was happy there and had built a life for myself. I'm now back at square one. No job, no apartment, I don't own my own car. That's a tough pillow to swallow some days.

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  1. this post made me a little sad! I know once you start getting a little busier things'll look up. You'll get a new routine (I totally understand the routine thing too, I get adjusted to one and I hate having to change it)



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