Monday, October 25, 2010

Trip to Windsor and Geocaching

I took a trip to Windsor this weekend to visit a friend of mine who is going to school there. Normally she and I have lunch or dinner together on my way back from Ann Arbor so I decided to go for an overnight trip so we could spend more than a few hours hanging out.

For starters, I've never driven from Sarnia to Windsor, only Windsor to Sarnia. Of course, it is the exact same drive. I'm not sure why, but I hate the drive. I wish it was all on the 401, but I don't really know why, because I hate the 401, too.

Anyway, our first stop was Colasanti's in Kingsville. I'd been there once before back in 2007, though I had no idea at the time where I was. I'm not really sure how to describe Colasanti's other than a clusterfudge of things to do. There's a petting zoo, mini golf, a few gift shops, a restaurant and some kids' carnival-type rides. Colleen and I were more or less only interested in the petting zoo. We both bought some food for the goats and were basically attacked by said goats as soon as we got into the goat area. I felt bad for the little kids (human kids) there since the larger goats could easily push them right over. I was afraid my fingers would get bitten off so I threw the food at the goats and then chased around the kids (the goat type).

Me and my new pregnant friend.

Afterward, we went back to Windsor, had dinner and went to a few bars. At dinner, Colleen was debating about what type of cocktail to get. We both ended up getting White Freezies, which apparently is a Windsor thing (according to a bartender). It's raspberry Sourpuss and banana liquer topped with Sprite. Probably the best drink discovery I've made in years.

Awhile after dinner, we saw some drunk kids cause a car accident in the middle of the intersection of Wyandotte and Ouellette. That was a new one for me and we were both quite stunned. I saw almost the exact same thing happen here in Sarnia tonight, though in this case, the pedestrians almost got taken out by a truck. People, people! Running across an intersection is extremely dangerous. Sometimes you just have to shake your head at what passes for common sense these days.

While standing in line to get into The Honest Lawyer, I realized that I have not ever engaged in the "bar scene" at all in my 5 years of being legal drinking age, except for in Iqaluit, which is quite a bit different. Having been in a serious relationship when I turned 19 and not having a circle of friends in one single place, the whole bar thing is kind of alien to me. When I turned 19 and started going to bars, I was confused by how dressed up the other girls would be. I just didn't understand it. We're here to drink, why are you half-naked? Do you people get warm when you drink? Did you just come from a wedding? I understand it now but I don't think you'll ever find me in a tiny dress and heels, waiting to get into a club. Give me jeans, give me a t-shirt, give me Alexander Keith's on draught, let me be able to hear my own thoughts, and we have a good place to hang out on a Saturday night. Amen.

It's been unusually warm here the past week so I have been taking the opportunity to geocache like a mad woman. On Friday I went out to the Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area on the outskirts of Sarnia. I'd never been out there before and it was so beautiful!

Fall colours at Wawanosh.

I ended up finding 7 which is really not all that great for an experienced geocacher but for me it was a productive afternoon!

Me with a geocache.

That's about all for now. I know it wasn't very interesting but I swear I am hoarding the interesting stuff to write about soon!

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