Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oral Surgeries Consultation + Andi Day One

So today was a pretty big day, for both Andi and I. Again, sorry for the length.

Andi hasn't had time to write lately, but she decided to go with Dr. M (the last ortho we saw) and today was the day she got her braces put on. While I was waiting for the oral surgeon to arrive, she sent me this photo:

I'm hoping she'll do an entry about the process and how things are going!

Since I can't comment too much about her stuff, I'll focus back onto me. I drove to London today to see an oral surgeon. I was incredibly lucky to get in before 2014 since this was their last appointment until the end of January. Their other practice didn't have openings until March.

The oral surgeon (Dr. L) was really personable. As it turns out, he grew up less than a mile from where I grew up. He even used to work in the same building that I work in now. He made everything really easy to understand, and was interested in knowing what I want to see improved. For a guy who's been a doctor for a long time, there was no lack of great "bedside" manner.

My deformities...where's my nose?

We talked and looked at drawings, photographs, moulds, and x-rays of my mouth and teeth. As it turns out, I have several problems, more than any of the orthodontists and dentists knew about. The whole process is much more complicated. All in all, I require FIVE different procedures, and two visits to the OR.

1. SARPE (surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion): My orthodontist (I also chose Dr. M) will be putting a metal device in my mouth on Monday. Then next Thursday, Dr. L will loosen my upper jaw so my upper arch will be widened.

2. While I'm under for the SARPE, he'll be removing my 2 remaining wisdom teeth.

A few months of wearing the RPE appliance and I'll get braces put on. Then, sometime in 2015 or 2016:

3. Dr. L will cut out a piece of both my upper and (4.) lower jaw and put plates and screws in to properly align things.

5. Dr. L will then make an incision in my chin plate and move it forward. I had no idea this would be part of the surgery and it kind of freaks me out.

By some stroke of luck, they had a surgery opening for next Thursday. They called my orthodontist and asked if they had time to put the RPE appliance in my mouth before then and initially they said no. I was then looking at an appointment for the end of April! I was disappointed but understood, of course. So while the receptionist and I were discussing April, my orthodontist called back and said to book me for next week and they'll make it work. Even the receptionist was excited for me, haha. +10000 points for Dr. M. for that.

My phone, always the wise guy, played this song on shuffle when I left the appointment.

I feel a little bit overwhelmed at how quickly this is happening, but overall I'm very grateful I don't have to wait until the end of April. Can you imagine if I hadn't gotten to see Dr. L for this consultation until late January or even March? My surgery would probably then be booked for late spring, early summer, and then I wouldn't get braces on until fall, likely! Now I'll be able to get braces in the spring.

After I left the appointment, I had to make several phone calls and fortunately next Thursday is going to work beautifully. I'll be off work the week of Christmas which is convenient since I had only planned to work Mon/Tues anyway. I'll only miss one hockey game, and nothing else since everything breaks for Christmas anyway. I'll still be able to attend and eat at our work potluck this upcoming Tuesday, and I won't be able to pig out on sugary Christmas treats after the 19th.

Being the busy person I am, this does throw a bit of a wrench into plans. Mine and Anthony's 4th anniversary is 3 days after surgery so we won't be able to do our usual dinner. I probably won't be able to really enjoy Christmas dinner either since I have to stick to soft foods. I'm also going to have to break the low carb diet in order to actually get some calories in. On top of all this, it's normal to get post-anesthesia depression, so I may be feeling sad and down during Christmas.

All in all...95% excited, 5% nervous.

Saying goodbye to this crowded, crooked, narrow, crossbite, retrognathic smile forever.

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