Sunday, December 22, 2013

3 Days Post-Surgery

It's 72 hours after my surgery. I'm actually feeling worse today than I did yesterday, probably because I mostly slept horizontally last night. My butt hurts SO much from sitting in the same upright position 24/7 that I just couldn't bare to sleep on it last night. I put 2 pillows down on my bed and slept on that. Not horrible, but not ideal. My nose is now very congested.

Worst of all, I feel the most "out of it" I have since I was literally knocked out for surgery. I'm tired and feel like I'm asleep even though I'm awake. I guess it's just the effects of the Percocet since it is a "high" feeling but I've been trying to wean myself off them slightly as I'm scared to get addicted. 

Today is my and Anthony's 4th anniversary. I'm currently in his spare room that he set up for me, and he's out shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts. There's supposedly a vanilla McDonalds milkshake on its way to me. I haven't had one in months so it'll be a big treat. Later tonight we're going back to Sarnia as my dad's side is doing Christmas stuff. 

Here's what I look like so far today.

Is it just me or the swelling going down a bit? I didn't crop my shirt out; as you can see, I'm drooling all over it.

Still have a double chin. Lymph nodes are less sore today.

My hair is looking progressively worse! Anthony is going to help me wash it later today since we'll be going to a restaurant with my family.

Yesterday I ate quite a bit as I was so hungry. I had a large thing of baby food, chicken broth, an Atkins shake, a root beer, and a pudding. I had most of that right after another and my mouth hurt so badly after, that I had to take more Percocet and I was pretty much done for the night after that.

I quickly looked at some SARPE blogs before writing this and it seems like the people who chose to do video blogs are way more capable of talking than I am. I'm still barely coherent. One girl sounded just fine a day after surgery! I do think I've had less bleeding than others. Other than right after surgery, I haven't had any bleeding. There's some blood around the incision when I wake up, but my nose hasn't bled at all which is a normal part of SARPE surgery. I think I have less pain, too. I'm just uncomfortable more than anything, and the congestion in my nose is frustrating.

I've been checking my weight regularly and I'm pretty consistent which is good. The morning of surgery, I was 126lbs, down 4lbs from my normal. Likely due to the fasting and not being able to eat solids (because of the appliance). The morning after surgery I was back up to 130. Yesterday and today I've been 127-128. Even though I was working on losing weight prior to surgery, I'm careful to get my calories in as I want to be as healthy possible. My main objective is always to be healthy.

I've been really appreciative of how supportive everyone is, so thank you! I didn't expect so many people to comment here or on my Facebook. It really makes me feel cared about which is so nice. I have some great people in my life.


  1. Looks better already. Hope your recovery is fast.

    Dave H

  2. The scale does weird shit after surgery!!! And it is hard when you aren't able to eat right.

    After surgery I went right down to 163. Now I am about 167. But after surgery I felt horrible, didn't want to eat for days. And then I had to turn to more carbs to help make me able to take my meds. Crazy times!!!!

    Love the drool. ;)



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