Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Days 5 and 6 Post-op Double Jaw Surgery and Sliding Genioplasty

The last 2 days have been much better than the 2 that preceded them. I'm feeling slightly more normal and I actually find myself hungry, which is kind of a nice feeling after 2 days of nausea.

Anthony and I made the 340 mile round trip yesterday to see my surgeon in London. My surgeon and the assistant were both impressed with how little swelling I have and how much feeling I already have back. They installed a temporary hook on my left central incisor (front tooth) to help torque my jaw over to the right. It was uncomfortable while they were poking around my swollen, sore lips but I felt better about it when my surgeon said, "I'm amazed you can even feel that."

They took my x-rays which I will post below. I have to say, I was shocked when I saw I have 2 large screws in my chin rather than the usual plates. Ever since then, I can't stop visualizing my face having a drill taken to it. My chin, in psychosomatic revenge, has been extra sore. My chin is actually throbbing as I type this, which I can't be too mad about because any feeling at all is a good sign.

I was smart and brought 2 Zip-N-Squeeze bags with me. You know what works great in a Zip-N-Squeeze? A McDonalds vanilla milkshake. It was the fastest I've eaten anything in days.

Once we got home, I was pretty tired. We did manage to take a walk around the block...I think. Unless that was day 4. It's all starting to blur together.

Today was also uneventful. More Netflix. I'm not a TV watcher but I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of my Netflix account this past week. I'm almost done season 3 of Orange is the New Black, and I've started watching Grace & Frankie, which in some ways is actually funnier than OITNB.

Anyhoo, here are the benchmarks:

Swelling: slowly coming down. I started taking bromelain again and I've been using heat packs 2-3 times a day for about 15 minutes at a time.

Numbness: Upper lip is probably 90% back. Only half of my lower lip is back and that half is tingly. Cheeks are fine, under eyes are still numb, nose is fine except for my nostrils which are about 70% back to normal.

Facial movement: I can make a snorting face (if that makes sense) briefly. I can feel my muscles move when I try to smile but it hurts. Laughing is very painful and makes my muscles ache and the incision sting.

Pain: in my right jaw joint and in my chin. Taking less Percocet and more Ibuprofen, but going 5-6 hours without meds today. Talking gets tiring very quickly and I have to take breaks from it.


October 2013 (pre-treatment) vs June 16, 2015. Please join me in a round of "holyyyyy craaaaaap." Check out my chin! Ugh no wonder it hurts.

What you are looking at:
Upper jaw: plates on either side of my nose. Outside of those are 2 wires threaded through the bone to allow flexibility.
Palate: You can see my transpalatal arch wire running along my palate and hooking into 2 teeth
Lower jaw: 2 plates
Chin: scary looking screws
Teeth: brackets with the arch wire and tons-o-cavities


24 hours post-op.

2 hours post-op.

Even though I'm super swollen, I am already liking my new profile.

Bruises and double chins.

And from the archives...

Pre-treatment and the day after SARPE.

And last but not least, please watch as I drool down my chin and don't notice for the entire duration of the video. Sigh. It hurts too much to spend another 8 minutes talking.

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