Monday, June 22, 2015

11 Days Post-Op Double Jaw Surgery + Sliding Genioplasty


I haven't made a post or video in the last few days since virtually nothing has changed, except the swelling is down a bit more.

Since you last heard from me, I spent a few more days lounging around Ann Arbor before coming back to Sarnia. Anthony had to go away on a work trip. Yes, it sucks being married and living apart, before anyone asks.

Hanging around the apartment with my dad is not nearly as comfortable as recovering at Anthony's. For starters, I only have a 21" TV and basic cable. The most comfortable place to spend most of my time is in bed, which I dislike, because my room is hot and I don't like being in bed all the time.

However, it is nice to be reunited with my cat, have access to my car, and the option of visiting friends or family.

A few days ago, I was inspecting my new bite in the mirror and I noticed my left side is VERY open; as bad or worse than pre-surgery. I spent 48 hours panicked I was going to need a second surgery. I'm not the worrying type but I honestly couldn't stop thinking about it. Fortunately I had an appointment with my orthodontist today, so I knew I'd get an answer. My orthodontist said it's perfectly normal and so far, everything looks great. He even complimented my brushing. So basically the appointment went much better than anticipated!

A funny story before I get to the benchmarks. So, I live with my dad. We don't really talk much outside of day-to-day roommate stuff, so he doesn't know much about my surgery. I realized how little I must have talked about it when we had this conversation last night:

Dad: So when do you get it out?
Me: Get what out?
Dad: I mean, when do they cut the wires off?
Me: What wires? Ohh, I'm not wired shut! I just can't talk because of the swelling.
Dad: Oh. You going back to work tomorrow?
Me: I don't go back to work until July 27th!
Dad: Ohhhhhh.

Anyway, the benchmarks:

Energy: Still about the comes and goes. I feel good in the morning and get tired by late afternoon. I've been lying down for an hour nap lately. I try to get out of the house at least once a day; it does wonders for my sanity.

Sleep: I had a bizarre sleepless night a few days ago, but other than that, I sleep about 7-9 hours straight through, waking up once to take some Ibuprofen. Still sleeping sitting up on my memory foam wedge.

Pain: My right TMJ aches every morning starting around 4am. My chin also throbs most of the day and night. I've also been getting a daily headache. That's about it...all of it is very manageable with Ibuprofen.

Swelling: coming down at a snail's pace, of course.

Numbness: My lower lip came back the other day but the feeling is still quite dull. I think my nostrils have also come back quite a bit as well. I have very faint feeling in my lower eyelids and I can detect some feelings of pressure on my chin (which feels awful).

Muscle movement: It's getting slightly easier to close my lips. It makes rinsing with the Chlorhexidine much easier as well as eating and drinking. I'm not really drooling anymore unless I'm looking down at something (so no sewing for me just yet).

Eating/drinking: I eat 3 times a day: an Ensure for breakfast, and generally soup for lunch and dinner. I made one of the recipes from the Dinner Through a Straw book my surgeon gave me. It's a pureed potato and cheese casserole. The book said it made two servings but it filled an entire ice cream container and it's very filling, so methinks two is going to be more like 15. I've been able to drink more water lately as well.

I have not had any alcohol or coffee since surgery, although at this point it's probably fine to indulge a bit since I'm off the Percocet.

Other: I bought some vanilla syrup so I can make vanilla iced coffee so I will be doing that sometime this week. I try to have things I can look forward to doing. I'm also looking forward to being able to have an ice cream cone, and to riding my bike. I think I'm going to wait a few more days before pulling my bike out of storage. It's going to be quite a chore getting it out, and I'm still a bit scared of going over bumps.

Here are some photos! No video since I don't feel up to it tonight.

Lips are getting closer together every day. The bruise on my neck is nearly gone.

Profile My nose looks much smaller than it used to (though it's hard to tell in the current photo above). It's still a different shape than it was pre-surgery but I kinda hope the new shape sticks around; I like it.

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