Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Andrea's Intro + Consultation #1

Hello, I am Jaime's sister, Andrea. I'm 22 and live in Sarnia. I spend much of my time working two jobs which are both with Lambton County Developmental Services group homes. Since I am a casual (part time) worker, I end up working many random shifts, day/evening/overnight. I like to spend my free time hanging out with my friends, boyfriend, and of course, Jaime! I like to relax by watching TV, movies, or reading. I have three cats that make me laugh daily. I love all different kinds of music. I buy a new album on iTunes almost every week! 

I've been wanting braces for awhile, but at first I didn't actually think I needed them. Growing up, my dentist never talked about braces to me, so I just figured my teeth were fine. As a kid, I also didn't realize the cost of braces, nor did I understand insurance. Some of my friends had braces and I remember just thinking, "Hmm that kind of sucks." 

As I got older, I realized that maybe I did need braces, but my teeth weren't too bad, so I didn't care much. It wasn't until I got a bit older (late teens) when I started noticing all the straight, perfect teeth of people around me. This was something I began to notice more and more as time went on. In photos of myself, I would think, "Jeez, my teeth look worse in pictures from different angles!!!" I can admit, at first glance of my face straight on, my teeth aren't too bad, but the bigger I smile or from the angle you are looking at me at, you can definitely tell my teeth are crowded. 

There is one picture in particular that made me decide I want braces FOR SURE. It is a picture of my boyfriend and me that his parents keep on their fridge, and all I can think when I look at it is, YIKES my teeth look terrible in that picture. Worst angle possible. I carried on to my boyfriend about needing braces and he kept telling me to stop worrying about it, my teeth are fine. I texted my sister right then and said something about getting braces. I thought, just go for it Andrea if it's really something you want. 

Jaime and I had discussed getting braces someday in the future many times before. It was just recently that we decided that we were going to go for it now! I was very excited to hear that Jaime wanted to get braces at the same time as me! What could be better than going through braces at the same time as your sister?! It makes the process that much better. 

I'm hoping with getting braces, my smile will look a lot nicer! Sometimes I feel like my crooked teeth make me look younger, so I'm hoping that straight tell with help me look my age. I'm also interested in getting my teeth whitened after the braces are off. Too many years of drinking pop and being too lazy to brush my teeth. My teeth are far from being pearly white! The only thing I'm worried about is the obvious: what will people think of me with braces as an adult? Is it going to make me look younger?

Consultation #1 of 4 - November 4/13 - Dr. S.
(Note from Jaime: This is the same Dr. S. as my Consultation #2)

I had my first consultation for braces today. It went okay. I wasn't fond of the dentist, but the quoting/pricing/treatment sounded average to me. One thing that was said was that I would need 4 teeth pulled to make room to straighten my teeth since my teeth are crowded. This makes me nervous a bit, perfectly good teeth being pulled out!! I'm worried how I would look between the time the teeth are pulled and until I can get the braces on. There will be some gaps in my smile! This is also an extra cost that I did not think about too. 

I was quoted $5500 for metal braces plus $600 for the teeth extraction (total of $6100). (Note from Jaime: Andrea says she wasn't offered ceramic braces, which is different from what this dentist told me.)

Next consultation next week! I am looking forward to it.

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