Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, I'm happy to say I have found my new car. My mom is going to sell me her Ford Fusion. It's actually a great win-win situation for both of us. I started to gear my search towards sedans (I'm oh so practical) and having a driven my own (leased) Fusion for 7 months, I knew the Fusion would be very ideal. My mom recently bought a fully-loaded 2007 Fusion with the highest trim level (V6 engine, heated leather seats, moon roof!). She also just bought a house and she's been stressed about being able to afford all her bills, mainly the car loan. A few weeks ago I was debating about whether to ask her if she'd sell the car to me, but wasn't sure. Two weeks ago the lease on my Fusion matured and my mom agreed to let me drive hers until I bought something. This week I started really getting serious about buying a car. I realized if I wanted a good price, I was going to have to go to Toronto to buy something. I have neither the time nor the desire to go to such trouble. So I asked her if she wanted to sell her car to me and I'd help her find something cheaper, and she agreed it was a good idea.

I'm really happy about it and look forward to transferring the ownership. Anthony's response about it was, "Dude, you're 24 and you're going to have a car with heated leather seats. Congrats."


In other news, these past 2 days I was in London for work. Although it doesn't faze my coworkers, to me getting to go out of town for work is a huge treat. I never got to do these things up north so I just soak it all in now.

This was the second time I've had to go to London for work. It's kind of a strange experience being back in London. As you may know, I lived there for a year before moving to Nunavut. I absolutely hated living there. At the time I was working a crappy call centre job, taking the bus, living paycheque to paycheque. Life was dismal to say the least, and I felt like London was chewing me up and spitting me out. I felt like life was a game I was losing and honestly, most of the time I was there I was in a state of depression. I'm not exaggerating when I say I used to pray I'd get hit by a car so I wouldn't have to go to work (or come home). When I'd be crossing the street and a car came near me, I'd think, "Hit me hit me hit me hit me!" When I left, I never wanted to step foot in London again.

But now, much to my surprise, I'm back and my life isn't a losing battle anymore. Driving downtown to go to a meeting with other federal employees, I can't help but feel like I won the battle against London. Instead of the cold bus, I have my own car (with heated leather seats!). There's no minimum wage, instead I have a cushy unionized job. To be in London and everything in my life has done a 180 for the better is a pretty cool feeling. Yesterday during a boring point in the meeting, I took stock of the situation. Dress pants, loafers, a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other. Listening to people talk about government policy as it relates to our work. A stark difference from the days when I'd peel unwashed clothes off my bedroom floor, gather my dirty hair into a ponytail, head out for the bus and go to my crap job. Somehow I got pretty darn lucky. I feel really fortunate that I can come back as a successful person. I've come a long, long way and it makes me realize that even though my life sucked for awhile, I came out ahead and without that crap time, I wouldn't be where I am now. It's a great feeling.

The other cool part about going to London was I got to stay with Jen and her family for the night. She made a yummy dinner and then we had a few rounds of Carcassonne and Catan. Thanks again, Jen! It was fun!

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