Sunday, March 6, 2011

Livin' the Dream

In case you were wondering, my first REAL weekend was great. This was the first weekend I didn't have to book off work. Do you want to know how I spent the weekend? You won't be surprised: I slept. Saturday and Sunday (today) I woke up at 11:30 and both yesterday and today I took 2 long naps in the afternoon. It was marvelous.

Anyway, I had a very busy week!

I went out for dinner 4 times, 2 of which were for my sister's birthday. She's now the big 2-0 which is pretty crazy considering I was married and living in Nunavut when I was 20.

On Thursday, I woke up very early (6am!) and went to the gym. I just joined GoodLife and they have something called the TRX system. It costs extra to use it, but they're doing 1-hour trial sessions so you can see if you like it. The only appointment they had was for 6:30am and I decided it was a good idea. I was of course, really irritated with myself the night before and at 6am, but once I was at the gym, I was so glad I went. I really want to make pre-work workouts a regular thing, but it's incredibly difficult to get out of bed when you don't have to. I decided to buy a set of 6 personal training sessions and I told them I want to do them all at 6am. Having an appointment is the only way I'll get out of bed. I wish you could get gyms to give you wake-up and/or harassment calls. YMCA members used to tell me the same thing when I worked there. "Can I pay you to call me and tell me to get my butt here?" I would always just laugh, but it's so true.

After work on Thursday, I donated blood for the very first time. If you remember, donating blood was my new year's resolution. The nurses/volunteers all asked me why I decided to donate blood, and I told them it was my resolution for 2011. They all thought that was wonderful. All in all, an awesome experience and I will go back! It didn't really hurt and I didn't have any side effects at all. In the past when I've had to give blood samples at the doctor, I've felt sick and dizzy. I think it was probably all in my head before, because donating a pint of blood was nothing.

On Friday, I had to drive out to London for some training on software I use at work. It was a neat experience going into the headquarters office there and meeting people.

Of course, I can hardly go a month without another vehicle lesson. I wonder when I'll stop doing dumb things, but I have a good feeling it's never.

After my course, I went across the street to the other office we have in London. When I left, I came back and went into the parking garage where I parked. Although I lived in downtown London for a year, our offices aren't on blocks I used to frequent. I kept getting disoriented and not knowing which direction I was going. So anyway, I mindlessly went into the garage and went up to the third floor, where I had parked. After walking around the entire perimeter of the third floor, I realized my car wasn't there. I'm currently reading Still Alice, about a woman diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. So I was a little freaked out I was having some kind of neural episode. I went down to the second floor and walked around, now sweating and heart pounding, and still didn't see my car. I had visions of going to my lease-end appointment at the dealership on Friday and having no car to give back. "I lost it somewhere, but I'm sure it'll turn up!"

After about 10-15 minutes of frantic searching, I suddenly looked around me. I wasn't in the right parking garage. I looked out the side of the building and saw the parking garage I HAD parked in. Twelve dollars later I was on my way, and feeling a little more dumb than when I had arrived in London.

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  1. Don't worry- I still lose my gigantic truck in the Walmart parking lot in Whitehorse. :)



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