Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Weeks Post Surgery

Today I mentioned to a coworker that it had been exactly 5 weeks since my surgery. He replied, "Wow, already? That went by fast."
"Get a metal bar installed in your mouth. You'll feel differently about time."

Things seem to always be changing. Some symptoms last a day, others a few days, and the throbbing is still going on 2.5 weeks later. The front teeth throbbing has actually gotten about 90% better. My teeth only throb once or twice a day and not for as long. Before, they were at it all day, every day.

I am pretty sure the throbbing is caused by my front teeth trying to come back together. Most of the pain is localized to my central incisors (front 2 teeth), and kind of radiates out from there. I measured the gap yesterday and it's down to 4mm from 5.5mm! That's a lot of movement for 10 days.

As far as other pain, for the last day I've had some pain on the upper ridge of my cheekbone, just on one side. No idea why.

Upper gums are still numb, 99% of my nose is back now, the rest is back to normal. It feels like only a small spot on my nose is numb now. When my nose is cold while I'm curling, it feels like there's something in my nostril. Very weird and distracting.

I read a comment on another jaw surgery blog that recommended trying to whistle in order to break up the scar tissue under the lip. The first time I tried, I could barely purse my lips. Now I can kind of whistle. I still feel some tightness in my lips. I think part of it is getting used to how my teeth feel under my lips now. 

Anyway, did you notice I went this whole time (except for the first paragraph) without mentioning how much I hate the RPE? I will begrudgingly admit I am getting used to it. I roll my eyes when I see other bloggers mention it only took a day or two to get used to. It took me 4-5 weeks to stop thinking about it when I eat.

I feel like my talking is getting a bit better too. I noticed it's hard to pronounce the letter V, because my front teeth have been pushed forward. My open bite is very inconvenient and I'm still accidentally spitting out food all the time. It's embarrassing going out to eat. I'll be chewing and then some food just makes its escape. I also still need to chew with my mouth open in order to chew. I'm just all-around really gross to eat with right now.

Anyway, the photos.

Looking pretty much normal

Still slightly swollen

Showing off my very open bite

Is it just me or are my teeth coming together at a bit of an angle?

Overbite from the side. I can't wait until this goes away forever. It's one of the things I hate most about how I look.

Award-winning smile (not yet). Look how off the midline of my face is. Either my mouth is too far to the right or my nose is angled left. Either way, I'm definitely not winning any symmetry awards.

And yes, I did get a haircut and dyed it dark. Not really digging it but it'll do.

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  1. It's nice to know that everything is going well for you, Jaime. All the pain and discomfort you felt during the process will all be worth in the end. Remember to go back to the dentist on time for your appointments to finish this process quicker than you expected. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Gilberto Nunez



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