Wednesday, January 8, 2014

20 Days Post-Surgery

Tomorrow is 3 weeks since my SARPE surgery. The time is flying!

I went back to work this week. It's been very tiring. I'm getting way less sleep on top of walking, talking, and laughing most of the day. My coworkers joke around quite a bit and on Monday, I had to go straight home to take a Percocet because my mouth hurt from laughing so much. Admittedly, not a terrible problem to have.

I don't feel like I've really made any progress since last week. I'm still just as numb as the day after surgery. My incision doesn't sting except for the odd little pain here and there. I'm getting a lot of random sensations in the part of my face that's most numb: on the right side just to the side of my nose. Sometimes it's itchy, sometimes it throbs, sometimes it tickles. I know that's a good sign but it's so distracting! As I type this, it's doing some weird tingling mixed with throbbing.

Due to talking more, I am having more pain in my palate and upper teeth. My upper teeth have been throbbing a lot, which they didn't do when I was at home resting.

Anyway, today I had a checkup with the orthodontist. He said everything looked good and my palate has widened to exactly where he wanted it. I don't have to turn the key anymore, and he threaded a wire in the RPE keyhole to hold it in position.

I was a little disappointed because on all the blogs I've read, people get their braces put on about a month or two after SARPE surgery. My orthodontist is telling me I won't be getting braces until the expander comes out in 4-6 months. Bummer. I'm pretty sure these are going to be the longest 4-6 months I've ever experienced. I'm sorry if you're a prospective SARPE recipient, but the RPE friggin' sucks. I've been pretty positive and optimistic about everything else but I loathe that expander. I sound like an idiot, I chew like an idiot, it takes me 30 minutes to eat a small meal, it's always in the way, it always has food stuck in it. 

On the bright side, at least I won't have the expander AND braces to figure out chewing with. Another good thing is the orthodontist said the gap will start closing on its own now that I'm finished turning the key. Unlike a lot of other SARPE bloggers, the gap doesn't bother me that much. The gap combined with my very open- and over-bite looks pretty terrible, but what embarrasses me is my lisp. Ugh.

Here's what I look like today.

My swelling and bruising are mostly gone, though some remains.

I see that I still look pretty chunky around my chin. I've noticed it's exceedingly difficult to push my lower jaw forward, so I think there's something going on, like perhaps my lower jaw is further back than it was. It would explain the double-chin look I have going on lately.

Still having a hard time smiling.

17 turns, plus some during surgery?

In other news, today would have been the day I'd talk about my weight loss progress. I decided not to do an actual progress post because I haven't done much in the past month to try to lose weight. I also didn't want to highlight the fact I have lost weight, but only because I haven't been eating as much. I don't want to promote weight loss via starvation.

The good thing is that I am at a point where I had to buy myself all new pants as absolutely nothing fits anymore. It's really nice to have pants and jeans that actually fit. 

Hopefully I can return to the gym sometime soon, though it still hurts just to walk.

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