Thursday, August 1, 2013

4 Years in Photos

Today would have been my 7th anniversary in Nunavut had I not left. Seven years ago, I woke up at the crack of dawn, said goodbye to Ontario, and got on a plane (for the first time ever). It's a day I won't soon forget.

In honour of my unanniversary, here are 7 of my favourite Nunavut memories, in no particular order: chronological order:

1. Being driven around Rankin Inlet after arriving. For starters, it was 4C that day in Rankin, and we had left a humidex of 45C in Ontario.

Rankin Inlet looked something like this:

Rankin Inlet, August 2006

It looked so dirty (as in, lots of dirt) and rustic. I had seen many photos on the Internet prior to moving but nothing can really prepare you for the first time you set foot in Nunavut. I remember thinking something cliché like, "We're not in Kansas anymore!" I felt impossibly far away from everything I'd ever known, and even though I was excited, I was also scared shitless that first night. Not only did my new home look like Mars, but we couldn't even afford to leave if we wanted to.

2. Summer 2006 was all about exploring Rankin Inlet (on foot, no quad yet). It was a lifelong dream of mine to one day see Hudson Bay. I felt immensely happy to be able to see it everyday. I wasn't working yet and would sometimes go for walks during the day, staring at everything and trying to soak in Rankin Inlet. I will always have a special spot in my heart for Rankin Inlet; it took a long time to stop missing it once I'd left in 2008.

3. Summer 2007. It was a great summer, to put it mildly. I had started my job and made several friends in town. It was a summer full of quad rides on the land, bonfires, messy Legion nights, and mosquitos. My best friend Erin and I still laugh ourselves silly at all the crazy stories from that summer.

After a night of drinking, we'd hop on over to Kativik for some frozen boxes of fish and chips. Then we'd head to one of our apartments and shove the stuff into a barely preheated oven. Sometimes we wouldn't even wait for the food to cook all the way through before digging in. We'd bitch and moan that we wished we lived in Iqaluit, where you can just call up The Snack and they bring you junk food!

4. My 22nd Birthday. I had moved to Iqaluit (alone) just a month prior and hadn't really made any friends besides a coworker or two. I love celebrating my birthday and was dreading spending it at home alone. The one friend I'd made, without really realizing what a big deal it would be to me, planned a birthday party for me and invited people over. She cooked me dinner, and made not one but two cakes, and fed me chocolate martinis all night. What I thought would be a sad and depressing birthday ended up being one of the best birthdays I've ever had.

5. Summer 2008. Are you sensing a trend with me and my Nunavut summers? This was a quiet summer, I still didn't know too many people. I had a good friend at this point and we'd drive around in my new-used Suzuki XL-7, pigging out on the Snack and drinking at the Store House. I spent a lot of time reflecting on the past and started to break out of the depression I'd been in for a while.

The day I got the Suzuki, my first car vehicle. August 2008.

I cannot think of summer 2008 without thinking of Death Cab for Cutie's Narrow Stairs album. The two go hand in hand for me, that album was my anthem during summer 2008. When I listen to that album now, I can feel the same simultaneous sadness and excitement I felt during that summer.

6. Tori's and Anthony's visits.

My lifelong "BFF" Tori came up for a visit in December 2008, and Anthony came up twice in 2010. It was totally awesome getting to show my southern people around my home. What northerner can resist taking a visitor to the grocery store to see prices? It may sound odd, but I'm grateful and thankful that my close friend and my boyfriend got to see what my life was like for 4 years, and to experience it themselves, albeit on a smaller scale.

7. I was looking through my Facebook photos and I realized I missed a whole ton of memorable times, so #7 is devoted to every other great memory. Here are some photos, hopefully you're not viewing this on slow Internet!

Cape Dorset, April 2009

Erin and Jaime, Iqaluit, July 2010

Anthony and Jaime, Iqaluit, April 2010

Iglulik, November 2009

Morning sunset, Iglulik, November 2009

Iglulik, November 2009

My first (and last) sealift, summer 2009

The midnight sunshine view from my apartment, Iqaluit, June 2009

Yikes! Cape Dorset, April 2009

Erin's long weekend in Iqaluit, summer 2008

Red Iqaluit sunset, summer 2008

Meeting Jen!, Iqaluit, summer 2008

Typical night in Rankin Inlet, winter 2007

Nunavut friends are forever friends. Rankin Inlet, June 2007

My uniform for 4 years, day one. Rankin Inlet, winter 2006

The only proof I was ever a college student. Rankin Inlet...late 2006? early 2007?

Deciding to make a hot tub out of that quad wheel-barrow thing. Rankin Inlet, July 2007

One of my favourite photos of all time. The cabin, Rankin Inlet 2007 (RIP Paul)

Toonik Tyme Igloo, Iqaluit, April 2010

Trusty steed, Iqaluit, April 2010

My first time driving a snowmobile. Outside Iqaluit, April 2010

IQ Day, somewhere outside Iqaluit, April 2010

Chesterfield Inlet, November 2009

Repulse Bay, November 2009


  1. I love all of the photos! It sure brings back a shit load of memories for me too. We have been in the Yukon for five years, but I miss miss Nunavut a lot.

  2. Ditto. I did a "favorite memories" post on my old Nunavut blog some time ago. Its nice to see one from someone else as well. Kind of like a little time capsule of memories. July would have marked my 10 year anniversary in the territory. My first day seems like yesterday....where does the time go?



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