Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1 Sewing Class, 2 Quilting Classes, 3 Wilton Classes, Floor!

Howdy! Things are really ramping up here in Jaimeland. My Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are now booked with classes. Tuesdays are still quilting (only until next week, boo, but then comes curling), Wednesdays are now sewing class until Decmeber, and Thursdays are still Wilton and will remain so until November.

Today was a big day. After returning my POS broken IKEA sewing machine this weekend, I knew I had to buy another sewing machine. The quilt shoppe where I'm doing my quilting class only sells Bernina, which is arguably the top-of-line brand for sewing machines. As you may know, I tend to have expensive taste and I tend to be a tad impulsive. After all, I am currently typing this on an impulse-bought 24" iMac with all the bells and whistles (at the time). However, after doing some research and asking myself what the best thing for me as a new quilter is, I decided I would go with a Bernina, albeit the lowest/cheapest model. "Bernina" and "cheap" are mutually exclusive words but I did get the machine on sale for a very good price.

There she is, in all her glory. Sigh. Isn't she gorgeous? I feel like a proud mom. Oh Bernina, the places we will go together. Bernina also sells custom skins for some of their machines, including this one, and I might ask Santa for one for Christmas. There are some nice floral ones and you can add your name to it. I'm a sucker for personalized crap.

Like any good quilter, there is an alarm that goes off in your brain when you see fabric you cannot live without. I saw two today at the quilt shoppe and I couldn't leave the store without them. I'd been lusting for the one on the right the last few times I was in there so I knew it was true love.

Anyway, this is where my quilt is at right now:

Almost all done, just have to finish quilting it and then next week we're learning binding (closing up the raw edges).

Because I'm an honest person, here are some of the mistakes I've made on the quilt. My classmates have been very perfectionistic about their quilts but I'm okay with imperfect because this quilt is just for me and I'll be able to look back on it in the future and say, wow, I've come so far!

For this quilt, I am "stitching in the ditch" which means you're quilting along the seams you already have. The picture on the left is an example of GOOD stitching in the ditch (or what I think is good, anyway). Nice straight line right along the ditch. The photo on the right is where I blinked or something, because you can see the line is not straight. I'm sure that'll get better with practice. Again, not too concerned.

Quilt blocks that don't match up. Kind of hard to see if you don't know what you're looking at, but in the centre of the photo, 4 seams line up and should be relatively perfect. These are not. The nice thing about the style of quilt I did (pinwheel) is that the same fabric matches up in many places so mistakes are very, very forgiving.

The worst mistake I made: not pressing the backing material before I basted and quilted my layers! Rookie mistake! It had been a long 5 hours of working on my quilt and by the time I basted my quilt (with spray adhesive), I realized I hadn't pressed the backing. I thought it'd be okay but it puckered in several places. Oh well. Lesson learned, what can you do (besides taking out the ol' stitch ripper)?

In other news, I started my beginner sewing class tonight. We have a small class of 5 people. The world truly fell off its axle for two hours because out of the 5 of us, I was the most knowledgeable about basics like threading a bobbin, feed dogs, reverse stitches, needles, etc. I was surprised at myself for how much I've learned in these last 4 weeks of quilting.

We were left with homework to start a little pin cushion but I finished mine in class because it was really easy.

My mom is taking the class with me and she was all, "How did you finish it so fast?!" I was like, "Mom, it was 4 straight lines. I've sewn miles of straight lines in the last 4 weeks."

I leave you with one last baking stuff taking over the living room. I need to tame the beast before it swallows up the whole living room!

The little dog is my dad's coin bank, haha.

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