Friday, July 10, 2015

One Month (4 Weeks) Post-op Double Jaw Surgery & Sliding Genioplasty

Hello party people!

Yesterday I hit 4 weeks post-op and tomorrow marks one month since the surgery. I say this everywhere to anyone who will listen but holy crap has the time ever flown by! Not being at work is like living in a time warp. That said, it has felt like it's perpetually Saturday or Sunday and I've had a hard time keeping track of what day it actually is.

But anyway!

I mention this in my video below but this past week, the main thing bothering me are the brackets and surgical hooks digging into the inside of my lip. It ends up giving me a feeling like the inside my lip is raw, which as you can imagine is pretty unpleasant.

Let's just do the benchmarks so I don't end up repeating myself:

Energy: Consistently good as long as I get a good night's sleep.

Sleep: 8-9 hours, sleeping well. Still on my wedge, not sure when I'll transition back to horizontal. I lied down normally for 2.5 hours a week ago and when I woke up, I was noticeably more swollen and I had a new numb spot on my cheek that was previously fine (and it took a few days to go away).

Pain: Not much pain anymore, except when my jaw randomly spasms and the joint aches afterwards. Also, every now and then, the left side of my chin is like, "Whoa nelly, I'm broken here! I don't know if you noticed Jaime, but holy crap, I am not attached to the rest of your skull!" My chin was reattached via 2 screws at the bottom/centre of my chin, and so I guess the rest of the bone is trying to heal.

Also, instead of the usual tingling that most people get when nerves are regenerating, I've been blessed with stinging...a lot of stinging. Non-stop stinging.

Swelling: It's been up and down all week. I think I look more swollen today compared to last week, actually.

Numbness: My lower eyelids are back but everything else is the same.

Muscle movement: It improves a little bit each week. My mouth moves when I talk now so it's less embarrassing to go out into public.

Eating/drinking: Same as last week. I tried some soft pastas this past week (despite doctor's orders). Canned ravioli was easy to eat, Spaghetti-Os were okay, and mac and cheese was difficult but doable. I also tried mozzarella sticks but it was too difficult. I'm technically not supposed to try chewing until week 6 so I doubt I will keep trying pasta.

Weight loss: still 11lbs.

Other: My skin has been super oily and I've been breaking out around my nose and on my chin like crazy. Using witch hazel and washing my face wasn't working so I've gone back to rubbing alcohol a few times a day. The pimples are finally going away, phew.


Swelling this week vs. last week (I think I looked better last week)

Right and left sides of my face this week

Smile this week vs last week...coming along but still awful looking.

Closed lip smile this week vs last week...pretty much the same.

Trying as hard as I can to frown

The bruise is pretty much gone.

From the archives:

A good photo of my smile pre-treatment (2011).

My smile in 2013, before any treatment! (The metal you can see is my RPE.)

Just for fun, me one month post-op from SARPE.


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