Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Today was the day I've been trying to make happen since I was 12: I FINALLY got braces.

It only took 9 consultations, 1 surgery, and 2 orthodontic devices before I was finally ready.

I can't say that I was excited, though. Rather, I was sort of dreading it because I knew they were going to be uncomfortable in the beginning and I am a little tired of the soft food diet right now. The TPA device (see my last entry) caused more pain than anticipated and I was only just getting back to normal. I figured that'd happen. I was frustrated as this past weekend was very busy and I was out of town (and therefore eating in restaurants) for all of it. And then Tuesday was my real b-day and I went out for lunch and a post soccer game snack. I feel like my fun was compromised by the dumb TPA.

But anyway, enough whining.

Getting braces put on is a pretty straightforward experience. They slide this funky device over your mouth so your lips and tongue can't touch your teeth. There is even a little cage for your tongue. That contraption was one of the worst parts as stuff like that tends to send me into a panic, making it hard to breathe through my nose. I knew they couldn't put the braces on without it, though, so I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

My teeth were polished and then had two different solutions brushed on. The actual application of the brace brackets is super cool. In the lab, they make this plastic mouth tray that looks like your teeth (using your impressions). Then they place the brackets in the tray thing, and they slide the whole tray on at once. Then they just zap your teeth with the UV light wand for a few minutes and it's finished.

Putting on the wire and ligatures was more painful, mostly on the top because my front teeth are STILL tender from SARPE. Actually, I mentioned that to the assistant and she didn't know that I'd had surgery or what I meant by SARPE. Then she asked me if I'd noticed a difference from SARPE (after I had to explain what it is). I almost laughed I was so incredulous. I was like "Well YEAH." I kinda noticed when I was off work for 2 weeks, high on percs for a week, and then had to crank a key into a giant metal bar in my mouth, creating a gigantic gap between my front friggin teeth. I noticed JUST A TAD.

Maybe I'm being a jerk but come do you not know about a giant part of my treatment plan?! You work there!

Anyway. So getting the elastics installed really hurt on the top but was fine on the bottom. They were clipping the wire off the back and it felt like she clipped my tooth instead. "Oops, we popped a bracket off! Sorry!" Um, ouch!! So they had to reinstall a bracket. That tooth throbbed for about an hour afterwards.

After they finally let me go, I went back to work where I was in progressively more pain until I came home and took one of my left over Percocets and had a nap. After lunch, the pain definitely peaked. It hurt so badly that I was actually nauseous. I didn't get much done today at work, unless you consider staring off into space and feeling sick as doing something.

But guess what! Today is the worst my teeth will ever look!! It's all uphill from here. Apparently by my first adjustment in 8 weeks, I will already look so much better.

Before SARPE, December 2013.

After SARPE, before braces. This picture makes it really obvious how messed up the midline of my face is.

Braces Day 1: ceramic on the front 6, metal for all the rest. Went with pink for my first elastics!

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  1. Awesome!!! And you look like you are 12 with the braces on! heheheh



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