Friday, July 5, 2013

On Journaling

Something most people don't know about me is that I have been writing in a journal for most of my life.

March 15th. I wish I brought a TV. Oh God, how I miss TV!

It started in 1998 with a small notebook I covered in stickers that I got in Michigan somewhere. My first entries were about my family's new-used Honda Accord, boys I had crushes on, people I'd met on the Internet. I kept this up and finished the entire notebook, sometime around the time I started high school in September 2000. I was pretty inconsistent between 2001 and 2002, and I no longer have the one book I wrote in.

In 2003, I started writing in this beautiful bound book with that handmade-esque butter-coloured paper with the grains in it. Some of my best writing was in that book, but unfortunately I lost it sometime during the move to Rankin Inlet. I shudder to think whose hands that book has made it into, as it also contained some of my worst writing. I know there was some pretty embarrassing emo post-first-breakup poetry in it.

However, starting in early 2002, I also started writing online. First Diaryland, then finally to LiveJournal in September 2002. I've been writing on LiveJournal since then, and for the most part, exclusively in a LiveJournal.

If I've spent more than 5 minutes ever talking to you, you've been mentioned somewhere in my journal. A small handful of people have access to my current LiveJournal (only one of whom I'm "real life" friends with), however, I doubt my entries are very interesting. Since 2002, I've mostly written about daily stuff, sometimes funny conversations, often rants or raves. These days, I generally write about my weekends or anything semi-interesting or important going on. I'm known to whine, like, a lot in my LiveJournal.

People are often envious that I have so much of my life chronicled in sometimes painful amounts of detail. I have to admit, this is something I'm really proud I've kept up with. Not only is it funny to read, it's also proven useful on a number of occasions. It also allows me to have a better memory. Typing up my life reinforce the memories, and re-reading old entries reinforces the memories even more.

What they say about hindsight being 20/20, it's very true. Sometimes my ignorance about things is so obvious looking back. At one time, I wrote entries about how I couldn't tell if this guy actually liked me. Reading it now, it's obvious he did, but it's also obvious that he was kind of an asshole. Hindsight: it's great.

By far my favourite thing about re-reading my old entries is seeing the progression of my personality and maturity. As you can imagine, the circa 2002 entries contain a lot of, "I HATE MY MOM. I'M MOVING OUT THE EXACT SECOND I TURN 18!!!!"

Later on, there's a few drunken entries. Those are always fun.

In my own self-interest, I've kept a .txt file of some of the funny stuff I've come across amongst my ~4500 entries. I don't know if this is interesting to anybody else, but here's a few of my favourite random quotes from my younger days:

  • march 10 2006: I think there's something wrong with me. I don't drink nearly enough alcohol for someone of my age and tolerance level. 

  • june 24 2005: I shall forever despise French toast and the agony it has caused.

  • july 21 2008: It's just me, my cats, and a bunch of overpriced Urban Outfitters crap.

  • august 3 2005: The manager gave away my last shift (grr) and sent me home early today. I even forgot to take my share of tips. Now all those bitches get my money. Oh well, they can rot in hell with my nickels. Bitches.

  • october 9 2009: Fucking 8 dollar rum and Cokes. I'm drinking myself out of house and home here.

    1. That is a long time!

      I have been blogging for 7 years now I think and I am addicted to it. I have never journaled for any length of time and it shocks me that I have kept up with it for this long. I love looking back on my entries!

      And the entry about the nickels is pretty damn funny!

      1. It is definitely addictive. I'm so used to writing about things that I often don't feel any closure until I've written about something. It lets me move on mentally. I can't imagine ever not journaling.



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