Thursday, October 1, 2015

16 Weeks After Double Jaw Surgery + Sliding Genioplasty

Hey everybody!

Today I am 16 weeks post surgery, which in English is "just shy of 4 months." October 11th will be 4 months but I am going to be busy that week so I'm updating now.

Overall, things are still slowly improving.

Numbness: The front of my chin is still mostly numb. I say mostly because I can tell when something is touching it and I can feel when something cold touches it, but it's very reduced. The numb area is about the size of a quarter or a loonie.

Parts of my palate are coming back, but most of it is still numb as well. I get funny sensations in it sometimes, usually a cold twinge.

My gums are coming back more and more as well. I think I can feel my gums at the front of my mouth (top and bottom), but I'm not 100% sure. I realize that makes no sense but oh well.

Swelling: I feel like at this point, the swelling is mostly gone, like 95%. I'm sure I'll continue to see small improvements over time, though.

Chewing: Getting better every week. I find that I can chew a few strong bites but then fatigue and pain quickly set in. I have not attempted any chunks of meat or salads yet.

Issues: The left side of my bite is still not closed at the back and not improving whatsoever. Every time I see my ortho, he asks if my tongue sits in the space. I think he thinks I'm tongue thrusting, thus preventing the space from closing. I'm not tongue thrusting and I am 100% compliant with my elastics, so something is obviously wrong. The elastic is hooked onto a tooth that has the TPA attached to it, so I'm wondering if the elastic isn't strong enough. The TPA is literally an anchor that's supposed to stop your molars from moving, so maybe that's why.

Words cannot convey how frustrating it is to go through all this trouble and still have bite issues. From the start of the consultations until the time you get surgery, everyone is promising you that you're going to have perfect results and it's going to solve everything.

On top of all this, I have had really bad pain in my right TMJ. I've had pain in it since right after the surgery, but it's worse now since I can only chew on that side. Sometimes it's so bad, I can barely open my mouth. The other day I had to take one of my Percocets to ease the pain. Although I had TMJ pre-surgery, I never had joint pain. The pain should ease off after awhile but there's no guarantees.

Even on a good day, I can still only open my mouth 2 fingers wide which at this point, isn't good. Granted, I'm not able to practice opening because of the elastic trying to pull my molars down.

The one positive I've noticed since surgery was when Anthony and I went on our honeymoon. Before when I flew on airplanes, I would get intense pain in my eustachian tubes. When I say intense, I mean on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was a 12. This time, I had a little bit of pressure on the flight to Newfoundland and none on the flight back. When the wheels touched down in Toronto, I looked at Anthony and said, "Oh my god, we just landed and I barely noticed!" Normally I am acutely aware of the entire descent because of how much pain I'm in.

I only have 2 photos this time because I'm sick and also lazy.

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