Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Getting Fit, Progress Update #5

Yep, I'm alive despite my decrease in posting. I feel like my brain activity has been suppressed lately, I often don't think of much else besides myself and what I'm doing that day. I'd like to get back in the habit of writing about other stuff. Regardless, I am still trying to get more fit, although I've been more focused on exercise than food.


Height: 5'5½" May 7 March 6 January 7 December 6 November 7 October 7 September 7Total Lost
Weight 121-123lbs 121-125lbs 122-125lbs 130lbs 135lbs 140lbs148lbs27-29 lbs*
Bust 33" 33" 33" 33" 34" 35"36"3"
Waist 26-26.5" 26" 27" 27.5" 28" 30"31"4.5-5"
Muffin top 33.5 33.5" 34.5" 35" 36.5" 38"39"5.5"
Upper thigh 21" 21" 20.5" 21.5" 22" 23"24.5"3.5"
*I started trying to lose weight on August 26, but I didn't start going low carb until September 6.

You shall notice that abso-fucking-lutely nothing has changed in quite awhile. All I can really claim is that my weight doesn't usually hit 125lbs in the morning anymore.


So here's the deal. I've not really been that strict low-carb lately. I still have my limits and try to make good choices, but I've started buying more fruit lately as well as not denying myself stuff I feel like eating. Considering this has had zero impact on my weight, I'm not that worried. Personally, I just felt like I needed a break from trying so hard. It started burning me out and it's possible my metabolism is burnt out, too. I haven't gone back to how I used to eat, but I think I'm in the process of finding a happy medium.



Lately I waver between wondering if it's good to give myself a bit of a break from keto or if I should just buckle down and get serious again. I have been running way more lately and I have noticed how carb consumption definitely gives me more energy during my run and after. I have tried to run after being strict for a few days and I felt like crap. Running has been my top priority these days, especially now that I've decided to do a half marathon in the fall. I'm one of those people who gets obsessed with things and right now it's running.

I've also been feeling guilty because I don't feel like my life is well-balanced. I barely touch my sewing machine anymore and I haven't really lifted weights lately. I've been so focused on running that it pushes other stuff out, but this is how I normally operate. I generally go with the flow of my obsessions, but this time, I feel bad that it's been to the detriment of my other hobbies. I'm hoping that soccer starting this month and hockey next month will help spread my attention out a bit more.


This past Sunday, I finally ran in a 10k race. This is something I've wanted to do since 2003. I signed up for a couch to 10k program in 2003 but wasn't able to complete it due to spraining my ankle (not from running). Since then, I have run on and off, but never enough to be able to complete a 10k. Since last summer when I was finally diagnosed with exercise asthma and prescribed medication, I've started running again and stuck with it. I could run 10k in a row as of last fall and now I run at least 10k once a week.

Back in March, I signed up for a local small race. So small in fact, only 14 other people did the 10k. But here are the official results and you will note how close my name is to the top! My race goal was to get under 1hr and I did it. Honestly, it wasn't my best run as I feel sluggish in the morning, but my excitement to finally cross off an item from my bucket list kept me going.

I'm currently signed up for 2 more 10k races and am planning on doing the Scotia Bank half marathon in the fall, as well as maybe a few other 5k or 10ks that pop up in the meantime.


Me after crossing the finish line!

My most recent before and after, taken in April. The kawaii pop-tart is because my undies left little to the imagination. I found the photo on the left in my Apple photo stream, I had totally forgotten I took it. It's from way back in February of 2013. I probably weigh more than 150lbs there, as the scale I had at the time under-reported weight.

Left: September. Right: January or February. I couldn't figure out why my torso looks so much longer but I think I am standing up straighter. 

P.S. 6 more days until the RPE is removed!!!

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